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Delta Fix Adhesive - Epoxy Resin Anchor System

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Delta Membrane Systems Ltd

Epoxy resin anchor system for fixings into masonry and concrete structures

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Suitable for fixing bolts and penetrations through waterproof coatings to provide a waterproof seal.


Delta Fix Adhesive - Epoxy Resin anchor system for fixings into masonry and concrete structures. Formulated as an adhesive for bonding and anchoring most building materials e.g. brick, stone, steel, mortar and timber.

Features and benefits:

  • Once cured the adhesive creates a strong stress free joint regardless of the surrounding environment.
  • The product is solvent free, thixotropic i.e., will not readily slump, and cures in cold, damp conditions.
  • Complete cure: 7 days.
  • Testing: not less than 24 hours after application, the temperature to be 12ºC or above.
  • Working Temperature: the material is formulated for use at 5ºC to 25ºC; it is seasonably adjusted during manufacture to ensure the flow characteristics of the mixed product are constant.
  • Storage: the separate components, stored at 5 degree C to 20 degree C in dry conditions, have a shelf life of at lease 9 months.
  • Packaging: 400ml side-by-side cartridge.

Mechanical properties:

  • Test temperature: 20ºC.
  • Tensile strength: 35 MPa ISO/R 527.
  • Flexural strength: 30 MPa ISO 178.
  • Compressive Strength 60 MPa.

General information






Guidance for specification option:

Epoxy resin.


Pr_20_31_02_26 Epoxy resin-based adhesivesPrimary


Z20/390 Adhesives

Z20/700 Applying adhesives

Z20/700 Applying adhesives

Specification data - Epoxy resin-based adhesives

Open time (minimum)

15 minutes.

Guidance for specification option:

In cartridges Delta Fix Adhesive has no waste apart from the mixed product in the nozzle, which will stay workable for a minimum of 15 mins.

In pot form the mixed product will remain workable for approximately 15 mins. This can vary depending upon the working temperature.




Manufacturer guidance

  • Delta Fix adhesive is colour coded for visual assurance that the two components are fully mixed.
  • The colour, but no other ingredient, may be changed at the manufacturer’s discretion.
  • The change will not affect the cured product in any way.


Applying adhesives generally.



Manufacturer guidance

Prior to the application of Delta Fix Adhesive all surfaces must be free from dust, oil, rust and grease.

Any loose materials must be removed back to a sound surface.



Guidance for specification option:

  • Mixing takes place in a static spiral mixer, which delivers the mixed product to the required surface.
  • When using cartridges, extrude Delta Fix Adhesive onto a surface until a consistent non-streaky colour is achieved.


Guidance for specification option:

  • All of the resin must be mixed with all of the hardener.
  • Under no circumstances should part mixes be used.
  • Mix the two components thoroughly until a consistent, no streaky colour is achieved.

Sustainability data

Contains Red List materials




Recycled content

As defined in clause 7.8 of BS EN ISO 14021

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