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CS Acrovyn® Door Cladding
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Protective door finish in a range of colours and finishes. Can be applied to any door type.


Door cladding providing a highly protective finish to door faces and edges.

Features and benefits:

  • Highly durable finish for extended life cycle and reduced maintenance costs.
  • Manufactured to custom-specified sizes from 2 mm-thick Acrovyn sheet or 1.5 mm-thick Acrovyn PVC-free sheet.
  • Plates and channels or formed angles are utilized to create a highly protective finish to door faces and edges.
  • Full and part height solutions available.

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Includes Acrovyn® PVC-Free and Acrovyn®.


Pr_25_71_63_18 Composite and recycled plastics sheetsPrimary
Pr_30_59_24_02 Aluminium doorsets
Pr_30_59_23_16 Composite door leaves
Pr_30_59_24_16 Composite doorsets
Pr_30_59_23_97 Wood flush door leaves
Pr_30_59_24_97 Wood doorsets


L20/430 Wood doorsets

L20/480 Doorsets

P20/170 Proprietary

L20/30 Wood doors

L20/270 Wood doors

Product range

CS Acrovyn Door Protection Solutions

Specification data - Composite and recycled plastics sheets





Consult manufacturer for full details, including installation details/ options.



Sheet thickness

2 mm.


9003 Snow White LRV: 86.

9010 Pure White LRV: 83.

933 Mission White LRV: 74.

100 Eggshell LRV: 73.

801 Grey Cloud LRV: 64.

187 Tan Bark LRV: 40.

26 Taupe LRV: 24.

8019 Earth LRV: 7.

7044 Felt LRV: 50.

136 Pearl Grey LRV: 39.

162 Charcoal LRV: 22.

7043 Anthracite LRV: 14.

260 Misty Grey LRV: 80.

24 Dove Grey LRV: 49.

7024 Graphite LRV: 10.

108 Black LRV: 8.

11 Aqua Blue LRV: 50.

325 Cape Blue LRV: 32.

112 Pacific Blue LRV: 24.

520 Imperial Purple LRV: 16.

1015 Ice Blue LRV: 63.

5018 Lagoon LRV: 31.

4030 Baltic Blue LRV: 20.

129 Yale Blue LRV: 8.

1510 Almond Green LRV: 60.

22 Anise LRV: 56.

3040 Prairie Green LRV: 29.

6020 Sequoia Green LRV: 13.

101 French Cream LRV: 70.

16 Golden Yellow LRV: 66.

17 Tangerine LRV: 47.

845 Spectrum Red LRV: 15.

510 Powder Pink LRV: 79.

2040 Coral Blush LRV: 31.

2050 Pink Grapefruit LRV: 28.

32 Sugar Plum LRV: 13.

52 Golden Oak LRV: 37.


38 Smoked Oak LRV: 18.


51 Natural Oak LRV: 54.


53 Walnut LRV: 27.


39 Wenge LRV: 10.


36 Bleached Oak LRV: 40.


06 Brushed Metal LRV: 30.


58 Copper LRV: 31.


57 Bronze LRV: 33.


56 Black Concrete LRV: 10.

54 Grey Concrete LRV: 43..

55 Taupe Concrete LRV: 25.

Fire performance

Manufacturer's standard.

Consult manufacturer for details.


Door cladding options:

  • Combination of edge protection channels and plates for door face protection. Plates are typically supplied with bevelled edges (round or 45° bevel can be selected) to overlap channels. Straight edges can be supplied for butting to channels in new door applications or where door faces are rebated.
  • NOTE: Door edges have to be rebated to allow for sheet thickness.
  • Large size formed angles for protection of edges and faces.
  • Full and part height solutions available in any of the standard colours and finishes.

Combination of two channels and two plates.

Channels for protecting door edges and plates for protecting door faces.

NOTE: Allowances have to be made for the thickness of sheet to ensure a good fit in the door frame. Rebating or adjusting is likely to be required.

Two large-size formed angles.

Each angle to protect one edge and face of the door.

NOTE: Allowances have to be made for the thickness of sheet to ensure a good fit in the door frame. Rebating or adjusting is likely to be required.


Full height, size.

Insert requirements.

Partial height, size.

Insert requirements.


CS Acrovyn Wall & Door Protection 2022

CS Acrovyn Wall & Door Protection 2022

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