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Crown Trade Sandtex Trade Stabilising Solution


For use on most exterior masonry surfaces and exterior grade building boards.


  • Sandtex Ready Mixed Masonry Filler: Fill cracks and small defects in masonry surfaces.
  • Sandtex Trade Fungicidal Wash: Use to remove organic growth from surfaces.
  • Sandtex Trade Stabilising Solution: New porous, undecorated and chalking/powdery previously decorated surfaces.


A solvent-borne solution to stabilize chalking surfaces and to control suction on undecorated surfaces.

General information




Water based

Uniclass 2015

Pr_35_31_65_50 Masonry stabilizersPrimary


M60/170 Masonry coating

M60/18 Special coating

Product range

Sandtex Trade Preparations products

Specification data - Masonry stabilizers Enhanced data


Resin: Epoxy ester/ hydrocarbon.

Solvent: Dearomatized white spirit.

Product Reference

Stabilising Solution


6 m²/L.

Up to 6 m²/ litre on smooth surfaces. On textured and surfaces with suction the spreading rate may vary down to approximately 3 m²/ litre.

Number of coats


Liberal coat until suction, porous, friable or chalking surfaces are stabilized. Do not over stabilize.

Drying time

16 hours.

Recoatable after 16 hours under normal drying conditions.

VOC content

599 g/L.

(Maximum). EU limit value for this product (cat.A/h): 750 g/L (2010).

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