Cresco® GR:

A uniquely formulated synthetic rubber based water stop. The initial onset of expansion is delayed for up to three days of exposure to water, after which the swelling begins. Overall expansion is restricted in order to prevent concrete spalling. The Cresco® GR water stop will maintain its shape and will not be flushed out over time. The proprietary grooved profile improves concrete bond and enhances waterproofing performance. It can be used for waterproofing any static concrete to concrete joint.

Cresco® BT:

A bentonite type water stop, featuring a high grade of sodium bentonite that excels in terms of form stability. This general purpose water stop can be used as the primary joint seal or a redundant secondary barrier in combination with our metal water stops or the Intec Injection hose system.


  • Long-lasting swelling capacities.
  • Exceptional resistance to chemical attack.
  • Reliable, uniform and reversible swelling properties.
  • Outstanding profile stability with sure reversible swelling properties.
  • Expands in a controlled manner.
  • Suitable for water exchange zones.
  • No concrete flaking due to controlled expansion behaviour.
  • Simple and secure fixing with the Cresco fixing glue for base/ slab connections.
  • No permanent edging formwork required.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_35_90_15_14 Centrally placed rubber flexible waterstopsPrimary


E40/310 Flexible waterstops

Specification data - Centrally placed rubber flexible waterstops

Product Reference

Cresco BT

20 x 25 mm.

Cresco GR

20 x 6 mm.



Fixing glue

Fixing nails

Fixing rail