Cementitious grouting for gap thicknesses of 10–100 mm. It is a blend of Portland cements, graded silica sands and additives to which a controlled amount of clean water is added in situ to produce a highly flowable, non-shrink grout. Suitable for grouting beneath bridge bearings, parapet posts and flanged lighting columns.


  • Can be poured or pumped.
  • Excellent flow, particularly at low temperature.
  • High strength.
  • Low permeability ensures durability.
  • Non-shrink.

General information


Can be poured or pumped

Excellent flow, particularly at low temperature

High strength

Low permeability ensures durability


Uniclass 2015

Pr_20_31_53_13 Cementitious groutsPrimary


G10/443 Proprietary filling/ bedding of column bases

G10/55 Mortar filling/ Bedding of column bases

Specification data - Cementitious grouts

Product Reference

Conbextra BB

Standard product features

Technical properties:

  • Acid soluble sulfate (SO3): < 4%.
  • Chloride ion content: < 0.1%.
  • Compressive strength (to BS 1881): 28 N/mm² (1 day), 58 N/mm² (7 days), 67 N/mm² (28 days).
  • Elastic stability (to DTp SHW 1991): < 1%.
  • Expansion (to ASTM C827-87): 0.25–1.0%.


Technical data sheet catalogue

Technical data sheet catalogue

Fosroc Grouting Solutions

Fosroc Grouting Solutions

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