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Comar 9Pi The Next Generation of Framing Systems, includes:

  • New Comar 9Pi & Comar 9Pi high performance window and door suite.
  • Fast-track fabrication, off-site construction.
  • Value engineering is achieved with the windows and doors hanging directly from the Comar 9Pi framing reducing metal content.
  • British Standards BS 6375, BS 7950 and PAS 23 and 24.
  • Dual colour options with all finishes: anodizing with a 35 year guarantee, polyester powder coating, a 25 year guarantee with RAL colours from Interpon and Syntha Pulvin.
  • Value engineering creating cost efficiencies.
  • Low-rise thresholds and wide doors to cater for DDA.
  • Up to two storey facades, with 3000 mm spans at 1500 mm centres.
  • Low U-values 1.6–1.0.
  • High span mullions and transoms.
  • Slim 65 mm, sight-lines.
  • Flexibility: Profile width 80 mm, 120 mm.
  • Three options of thermal performance, standard, multi-chambered, thermal foam.
  • Flush glazing seamless opening vents.
  • Integrates with existing Comar 5P.i. windows and Comar 7 Doors.
  • Flexible fabrication mitre frame construction or ladder frame construction.

Vents of 100 kg must be fitted with CAM adjustment devices, which are optional on lighter vents.

Separate restrictors, vent holding devices or an operating mechanism may be required to hold large vents in a selected ventilation position against variable wind pressure.


  • PAS 24:2012.
  • Kitemark.
  • BM Trada Q-mark.
  • Secured by Design.

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L10/25 Aluminium windows

L10/330 Aluminium windows

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Standard product features

Glass weight:

Glass thickness x 2.5 (2 x 6 mm x 2.5 = 30 kgm²).

Window width/ height ratio:

Should not exceed 1.5.

Weather performance:

  • Air tightness: 600 Pa.
  • Water tightness: 950 Pa.
  • Wind resistance: 2000 Pa.

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