ColtShaft shaft exhaust ventilation system

ColtShaft is designed to provide the equivalence to the BRE Shaft and hence meet the recommendations of Building Regulations (E&W) Approved Document B and BS 5588-5 for ventilation of fire-fighting shafts. The ColtShaft ventilation system offers the benefit of a much reduced footprint, providing 20% of the BRE Shaft footprint.

The ColtShaft design has been proven by extensive CFD analysis and full scale physical testing, witnessed and approved by independent consultants including the London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority.

Features and benefits:

  • Space saving - ColtShaft requires a shaft with a cross sectional area which can be as small as only 0.6m² compared with 3m² for the BRE shaft or 1.5m² for a natural residential (ADB) shaft. This represents up to 80% reduction in the floor space required.
  • Enhanced performance - ColtShaft can perform better than a BRE Shaft since it extracts at a defined rate - this means that it is unaffected by external wind pressures. It is also less susceptible to obstructions to the airflow within the duct. The ColtShaft design has been proven by extensive CFD analysis and by empirical tests.

General information
Specification data - Pressure differential systems

Product Reference

ColtShaft shaft exhaust ventilation system



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Motorized smoke damper and grille

Seefire ventilator

Smoke extract fan

Stairwell ventilator

Standard product features

System components:

  • A builder’s work shaft adjacent to the lobbies (nominally 0.6m² but can be varied).
  • Damper and grille or fire door to each lobby.
  • Variable speed fans (duty and standby).
  • Ducting from shaft to external termination.
  • Pressure differential sensing to each lobby.
  • Seefire ventilator at head of stairs.
  • Central control panel.

System control:

A central addressable panel linked to a central MCC panel which operates the relevant supply and exhaust fans.

Third party certifications
  • LABC approved: RD Certificate Number: EWW78A
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