Charred Burnt Carbonised Blackend Effect SertiWOOD® Factory Painted Timber Cladding - Dragonwood

Charred Burnt Carbonised Blackend Effect SertiWOOD® Factory Painted Timber Cladding - Dragonwood

Timber Focus Ltd

Inspired by traditional Japanese techniques, the premium SertiWOOD® DragonWOOD range is created using modern technology, guarantee a longer lasting finish & looks great inside & outside the home.

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The Timber Focus SertiWOOD® DragonWOOD internal and exterior cladding is inspired by the traditional Japanese technique of burning timber. Using modern technology, the range offers a stunning charred and carbonised effect without leaving any dirt or dust residue.

Guaranteed to provide a longer lasting and more consistent finish compared to traditionally charred wood, DragonWOOD adds a stylish look to the interior or exterior of any home or public space. Easy to install, it offers a clean finish thanks to tongue and groove V joints.

Each section is treated with preservatives to prevent decay and is painted in a controlled environment to ensure consistency. A heated roller creates the scorched effect pattern and the range requires no additional staining.

The cladding offers extensive protection from the elements thanks to the closed construction and all the timber is graded A/B for quality and has been sourced from sustainable forests as well as being FSC certified.

Timber Focus cladding can be supplied fire retardant treated to Euro Class B or C according to the standard EN13501-1.

General information


Smooth, fine sawn planed Charred Scorched Burnt look DragonWOOD


Black Charcoal RAL9005 Jet Black


Durable, non-toxic to suit various environments, easy to work with




6000 x 245 mm


Timber Focus Cladding quality inspection assurance, minimum 25 years above ground

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