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CASEA Südanit 300 Calcium Sulfate Floor Screed


The screed is suitable for internal use, for floors in homes, offices, public buildings and places exposed to similar loads.

It may be applied as a levelling screed directly onto a load bearing floor, unbonded on a separating barrier, or as a floating floor and is particularly suited in conjunction with underfloor heating or cavity floors.

Can be covered with a floor finish such as tiles, linoleum, parquet, cork or carpet. If a cement based adhesive or smoothing compound is required the surface of the screed must first be sealed, using an appropriate acrylic primer/ sealer.


Südanit 300 Anhydrite Screed is a pumpable, high-quality screed material based on calcium sulfate. It is designed for application at thicknesses of between 20 and 90 mm.

Feature and benefits:

  • Pumpable, high flowability.
  • Early trafficking.
  • Very low shrinkage.
  • Reduced drying times.
  • Calcium sulfate content: ≥ 85%.
  • CE marked.
  • Anhydrite binder complies with EN 13454-1:2004.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_35_31_06_73 Ready-mixed trowelled calcium sulfate screedsPrimary


M13/10 Proprietary trowelled levelling screeds

M13/110 Proprietary trowelled levelling screeds

Product range

Floor Screeds

Specification data - Ready-mixed trowelled calcium sulfate screeds Enhanced data

Compressive strength - 28 days

> 25 N/mm².

Flexural strength

(28 days)

> 5 N/mm².

Tensile Adhesion

> 1.5 N/mm².


< 0.1%, ≤ 0.2 mm/m.

  • Shrinkage (28 days): < 0.1%.
  • Shrinkage: ≤ 0.2 mm/m.

Drying time

Hardening time (before foot traffic)

8–12 hours.




Reaction to fire

A1, Non-combustible.


1.6 W/mK.


220–260 mm.


Minimum: Bonded, 20 mm. Unbonded, 30 mm. Domestic, 35 mm. Commercial, 40 mm. Over underfloor heating pipes: 25 mm (BS 8204-7); Maximum: 90 mm.