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BSRIA Hook-Up Elite Prime - Direct Mounted


Suitable for all applications due to the wide range of settable flows.


A pre-assembled valve set with PICV, flushing valves and FMD.

Features and benefits:

  • Compact design, with flow and return legs at equal lengths, for simple direct mounting onto terminal unit.
  • Fitted with Elite Prime incorporating a wide range of settable flows to suit all applications.
  • Includes Venturi metering station for improved accuracy and pressure drop recovery.
  • All valves are subject to both a pressure test, in accordance with BS EN 12266-1, as well as a flow limitation test, in accordance to BSRIA BTS1.
  • The tests provide reassurance of performance and accuracy within each valve.
  • Bypass unit with integrated 3-way isolation valves.
  • Flushing valves on flow and return, in accordance with BSRIA BG29.
  • Integrated dial allowing for calibrated setting of the PICV, with integrated test points allowing for ΔP verification.
  • Available in standard or reverse handed orientations.
  • Valve angles can be configured to suit fan coil requirements.


  • Flow rate to be adjustable between 0.008–0.37 L/s, dependent on variant.
  • Connections to be flat face union connections between components with female BSPT on system side and compression or solder on terminal side.
  • Valve assembly will be labelled to include the terminal unit reference number, service and flow rate.

General information



Body assembly.




Downstream flow set point indicator.


Upstream flow set point indicator.


Regulator cap.



Body assembly.


Sealing gasket and O-rings.


Set point indicators.


Pr_65_54_40_16 Irrigation control valvesPrimary


S90/650 Flow reducing/ servicing valves

S90/650 Flow-reducing/ servicing valves

S92/435 Control valve sets

S92/435 Control valve sets

Specification data - Irrigation control valves Enhanced data

Regulating function

Flow rate.




H-Body: BSP Taper, Terminal end: Compression or solder.

  • Flat face union connections between components.
  • Female BSPT on system side.
  • Compression or solder on terminal side.

Inlets/outlets diameter




Nominal A x B x C x D x E x F x G.

70 x 27 x 33 x 120 x 195 x 239 x 91 mm.


2.5 kg.


Flow: Low: 20–400 kPa, Standard: 25–400 kPa, High: 40–400 kPa and Temperature: 0 to 90°C: 16 bar.

Integral accessories

Flushing bypass with 3-way isolation valves, PICV with integrated dial, Compression and solder end connections, R 1/2" to Rc 3/4"adaptor, Venturi style flow measuring device and flushing valves to BG29.

Material (all components)

EPDM: Ethylene propylene diene monomer.

H-body assembly, PICV, FMD, flushing valve, compression and solder adaptor: DZR brass BS EN 12165 (CW602N), Sealing gasket and O-rings: EPDM.

Two flushing valves, compression and solder adaptors.


Low, standard, high and ultra low flow.

  • LF FMD: 0.62 Kvs.
  • SF FMD: 1.6 Kvs.
  • HF FMD: 4.6 Kvs.
  • ULF FMD: 0.24 Kvs.


0.008–0.370 L/s.

  • Low Flow (LF): 0.008–0.080 L/s.
  • Standard Flow (SF): 0.060–0.200 L/s.
  • High Flow (HF): 0.100–0.370 L/s.

Environmental information

Country of product manufacture

United Kingdom

Great Britain.

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