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BSF Beam Connectors

Traditionally, concrete beams were supported on columns using integral corbels. Apart from being difficult and costly to form in the column, they reduce headroom locally and spoil the appearance. Using BSF connectors eliminates the need for corbels, leaving a smooth soffit. Round, or odd-shaped columns present no problems. For heavy loads from beams into columns, walls or other beams, the BSF system should be used. They consist of three-part telescopic connectors, but are otherwise similar in application principle to the range of telescopic stair connectors. They are designed for heavy-duty beam supports, with capacities from 225–1100 kN. By using pairs of connectors, loads up to 1400 kN can be catered for.

General information

Steel (grade S355, minimum)

Uniclass 2015
Pr_35_90_15_12 Carbon steel shear load connectorsPrimary
Specification data - Carbon steel shear load connectors
Product Reference

BSF 225

Capacity: 225 kN.

BSF 300

Capacity: 300 kN.

BSF 450

Capacity: 450 kN.

BSF 700

Capacity: 700 kN.

BSF 1100

Capacity: 1100 kN.

Steel finish


Standard product features


Steel (grade S355, minimum).

Concrete strength class (minimum):


Reaction to fire:

Class A1, according to EN 13501-1.