British Larch Sawn External Cladding

Fresh sawn (wet) British larch cladding sourced locally from well-managed forests. Available GIB certified on request.

British larch cladding is both tough and durable, but relatively low cost making it ideal for projects with limited budget.

British larch is only available with a sawn finish and is therefore best suited to projects where a rustic appearance is desired such as agricultural or barn conversions. It is available in sawn profiles only and can be installed both horizontally and vertically. Compliant with BS EN 14915 and BS 8605-1. Grown in England and Wales.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_25_71_97_84 Softwood weatherboardsPrimary


H21/10 Vertical timber weatherboarding

H21/110 Vertical timber weatherboarding

H21/111 Horizontal timber weatherboarding

H21/115 Vertical timber weatherboarding

H21/15 Horizontal timber weatherboarding

Specification data - Softwood weatherboards

Product Reference

British Larch Sawn External Cladding


Feather-edge, VFE1

Sawn, 4–18 mm depth, horizontal.

Feather-edge, VFE2

Sawn, 6–23 mm depth, horizontal.

Square-edge, VSE1

Sawn, 25 mm depth, vertical.

Waney-edge, VWE1

Sawn, 19 mm depth, horizontal.

Waney-edge, VWE2

Sawn, 25 mm depth, horizontal.


100 mm

Square-edge only.

125 mm

Square-edge only.

150 mm

Feather-edge or Square-edge.

175 mm

Feather-edge or Square-edge.

200 mm

Feather-edge or Square-edge.

225 mm

Feather-edge only.


Waney-edge only, see 'Options' for details.

Standard product features


Random lengths: 1.8-4.0 m. Lengths of over 4.0 m may be included but are not guaranteed.


Horizontal or vertical.


British larch ranges in colour from pink-brown in the heartwood to creamy-white in the sap band. There are frequent dark brown knots, which can loosen as the wood dries. Some boards may contain open resin pockets that may ooze during the first year and during subsequent hot summers. When exposed to the elements, the wood will, over time, weather to a silver-grey colour.

Technical properties:

  • Moisture content: Wet.
  • Natural durability (to BS EN 350-2): Moderately durable, Class 3–4.
  • Insect attack: Resistant.
  • Service life (to BS 8417): Occasionally wet: 15–30 years (in practice untreated larch cladding lasts nearer 30 years); frequently wet: <15 years.
  • Treatability class: Resistant.
  • Movement class: Large.
  • Resistance to impact: High.
  • Resistance to fixing: Medium.
  • Mean density (when dry): 470–650 kg/m³.
  • When to fix: Winter monthly only.
  • Grading: Too knotty to be graded under any standard.
  • Working properties: Good workability, takes fixings satisfactorily.
  • Extractives: Contains resin rather than oil or tannin. The resin does not tend to bleed and is not reactive.
  • Emission of formaldehyde (to BS EN 14915): E1 (not significant).
  • Reaction to fire (to BS EN 14915): Euroclass F (untested), D-s2, d0.
  • Fire treatment: Not possible by impregnation.

Product Options


- Waney-edge:

Random width: 200-350 mm. Widths of over 350 mm may be included but are not guaranteed.


Face fixed with stainless steel nails.

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