Bondflex 100

A single-part, acetoxy type silicone sealant, extremely resistant to weathering, ageing and water. It is suitable where adhesion to non-porous surfaces is required, including top sealing in glazing, sealing metal cladding and curtain walling. Contains fungicide.


  • Conforms to ISO 11600 F&G 20 LM.
  • High levels of extensibility – over 600%.
  • Durable waterproof seal.
  • Flexible at low (-50°C) and high (180°C) temperatures.
  • Low shrinkage.

General information


Conforms to ISO 11600 F&G 20 LM

High levels of extensibility – over 600%

Durable waterproof seal

Flexible at low (-50°C) and high (180°C) temperatures

Low shrinkage

Uniclass 2015

Pr_30_31_76_77 Silicone construction joint sealantsPrimary


H11/777 Weathersealing for structural sealant/ bonded glazing

H31/10 Metal

H31/110 Metal

H31/120 Metal

H31/160 Profiled plastics sheet

L10/75 Sealant joints

L10/810 Sealant joints

L40/250 Bead-fixed single-glazing

L40/310 Bead-fixed single-glazing

L40/330 Bead-fixed single-glazing

L40/350 Bead-fixed single-glazing

L40/372 Bead-fixed insulating glass units

L40/380 Bead-fixed insulating glass units

L40/381 Bead-fixed insulating glass units

L40/495 U-profiled single-glazing

L40/496 U-profiled double-glazing

L40/50 Bead-fixed single-glazing

L40/55 Bead-fixed insulating glass units

L40/57 Bead-fixed insulating glass units

L40/58 Bead-fixed insulating glass units

Specification data - Silicone construction joint sealants

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Bondflex 100





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