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Bona Mix And Fill Plus


A high-solids, water-borne binder designed for quick and efficient filling of gaps and cavities in wooden floors. The product is mixed with wood dust from the actual floor to be treated, giving a natural colouration which blends in with the rest of the floor. Can be used with most types of wood and for gaps up to 3 mm wide.


  • Exceptional filling ability.
  • Fast drying.
  • Waterborne yet anti-corrosive (no rust stains).
  • Optimized for light to medium coloured timbers.
  • Very low solvent content.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_35_31_65_82 Surface fillersPrimary


M60/16 Decorative wood stain/ varnish/ preservative

M60/180 Floor coating

Specification data - Surface fillers

Product Reference

Bona Mix And Fill Plus

Standard product features

Solids content:


VOC (maximum):

15 g/L.

Mixing ratio:

10–15% wood dust to 85–90% binder.


8–12 m²/L, depending on size and quantity of gaps.

Drying time (20ºC, 60%RH):

  • Between coats: 15–30 minutes.
  • Until sanding: 30–60 minutes.
  • Until finish or oil treatment: 1–2 hours.