BOEN Sports Floor - Bolex Olympia - 30 x 137 x 2200 mm - Square Edge - T79 Lacquer

BOEN Sports Floor - Bolex Olympia - 30 x 137 x 2200 mm - Square Edge - T79 Lacquer

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Multi-sport flooring.

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The patented Boflex system has a built in shock absorption material and the construction can withstand an almost unlimited load giving a finished construction height of 30 mm featuring a 5.5 mm wear layer. Tested by the Norwegian Institute of Building Research and is patented in several countries and approved to the European Sports regulation EN 14904 Type A4.

Product features include:

  • Designed for multi-sporting activities and comprises an under board, diagonal layer and hardwood top layer.
  • The system incorporates Evazote shock absorbers manufactured from etylen-vinyl-acetat, a cross-linked, closed cell system, which can only be compressed to a maximum 50%.
  • The construction is designed to withstand an almost unlimited load.
  • Boflex floor jointing is with a double tongue-and-groove Connexprocess system, designed to provide tighter square edge jointing.
  • Sports floors are given six coats of UV hardened lacquer, made up of an impregnating layer, a layer of pore filling primer, two coats of strong primer and two coats of top coat.

After installation and in the case of track marking, the floor must be re-finished. BOEN recommends two coats of Bona sportive sports lacquer.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_25_71_97_93 Wood laminate strips and boardsPrimary


K21/140 Battened wood laminate flooring

Specification data - Wood laminate strips and boards

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BOEN Sports Floor - Bolex Olympia - 30 x 137 x 2200 mm - Square Edge - T79 Lacquer

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Canadian Maple


Standard product features

Technical characteristics:

  • Edge: BOEN double tongue-and-groove square edge.
  • Finish: T79 sports lacquer.
  • Format: Boflex Olympia.
  • Thickness: 30 mm.
  • Size (w x l): 137 x 2200 mm.
  • Standards: EN 14904. CE marked.
  • Construction: Three layer: 5.5 mm hardwood top layer, Boflex Olympia board middle and bottom layer plus two strips of Evazote 50 are adhered to the board.
  • Perimeter strips: 4.4 x 22 x 1500 mm.

Third party certifications
  • Forest Stewardship Council: FSC-certified
  • FIBA (Equipment & Venue) – International Basketball Federation: FIBA approval
  • Rainforest Alliance: Certified
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