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An area-elastic sports floor made up of BOEN Arenaflex Stadium engineered sports flooring installed on top of soft-wood battens incorporating a resilient foam pads which meets EN 14904: 2006 Type A3. It is ideally suited for a use as activity floors, sports halls, dance floors, recreation halls and gymnasiums giving a finished floor construction between 69–81 mm with a choice of two battens of 46 x45 x 1800 mm or 58 x 45 x 1800 mm. Suitable for underfloor heating.

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BOEN Sports Floor - Arenaflex Stadium Flexbat - 69-81 x 139 x 2200 mm - Square Edge - T79 Lacquer

Batten size

46 x 45 x 1800 mm

58 x 45 x 1800 mm

Species/ Colour



Canadian Maple


Standard product features

Technical characteristics:

  • Edge: BOEN tongue-and-groove square edge.
  • Finish: T79 sports lacquer.
  • Format: Arenaflex Stadium Flexbat.
  • Thickness: 69–81 mm.
  • Size (w x l): 139 x 2200 mm.
  • Standards: EN 14904. CE marked.
  • Construction: Three layer: 3.5 mm hardwood top layer, spruce middle and bottom layer.
  • Batten centres: 367 mm.

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