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Bauder JFRI PREMIUM (300) Inverted Insulation


  • Use in conjunction with Bauder JFRI WFRL Membrane prior to installing paving, decking or ballast or extensive, brown, biodiverse or intensive green roofs.
  • Use in conjunction with Bauder JFRI Upstand board or BauderROCK NC 56mm Upstand Board to exposed vertical upstands.


A rigid expanded polystyrene (EPS) insulation with improved thermal conductivity. It is very lightweight and has a higher compressive strength than the Premium+ range. The product is rebated on all four sides to ensure thermal continuity. It is CFC and HCFC free, with a Global warming potential of less than 5 kg CO2 Eq./kg.

This product is for use with inverted (protected membrane) roof constructions and can be laid directly onto Bauder Hot Melt and Bitumen Based Waterproofing Membranes. Contact Bauder for advice relating to other membrane types.

Only to be used as part of a full Bauder Waterproofing System. Not for use with Bauder LiquiTOP PU System.

General information




Expanded polystyrene (EPS)




1215 mm


1215 mm


50 mm

55 mm

60 mm

65 mm

70 mm

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A comprehensive range of guarantee options are available. Please contact your local Bauder Area Technical Manager for more information.



Pr_25_71_63_26 Expanded polystyrene (EPS) boardsPrimary


J41/26 Thermal insulation

null Inverted roof insulation

null Inverted roof insulation

J31/26 Thermal insulation

Q37/310 Inverted roof insulation

Specification data - Expanded polystyrene (EPS) boards Enhanced data

Third-party certification

KIWA Certificate BAR-19-098-S-A-UK; BRE Green Guide generic product rating A.

Fire performance

Reaction to fire to BS EN 13501-1, Euroclass E. External Fire Performance to ENV1187 Test 4, Broof(t4).

Designated Broof(t4) (low vulnerability in Scotland) which is without restriction when used within a ballasted inverted roof construction as described in European Commission Directive 2000/553/EC and guidance in DCLG document, Fire Performance of Green Roofs and Walls.

Compressive strength (minimum) at 10% compression

0.30 N/mm².

Thermal conductivity (maximum)

0.033 W/mK.

Green Design thermal conductivity - 0.035 W/mK (Further adjustment included for green roof application).

Water permeability

Long term water absorption by immersion to BS EN 12087, ≤1%; Long term water absortion by diffusion to BS EN 12088, ≤1%.


50 mm.

55 mm.

60 mm.

65 mm.

70 mm.

75 mm.

80 mm.

85 mm.

90 mm.

95 mm.

100 mm.

105 mm.

110 mm.

115 mm.

120 mm.

125 mm.

130 mm.

135 mm.

140 mm.

145 mm.

150 mm.

155 mm.

160 mm.

165 mm.

170 mm.

175 mm.

180 mm.

185 mm.

190 mm.

195 mm.

200 mm.

205 mm.

210 mm.

215 mm.

220 mm.

225 mm.

230 mm.

235 mm.

240 mm.

Face size (nominal length x width)

1215 x 1215 mm.

Including 15 mm rebate.



Environmental information

Country of product manufacture

United Kingdom

Embodied carbon

Please refer to EPD on the Bauder website.

5 kg·CO₂e/kg

<5 kg CO2 Eq./kg.



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