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BASF - MasterSeal 910 & 912 System

Newly developed polymer technology provides flexible polymer composites which have high chemical resistance and are capable of storing water in their molecular structure by increasing their volume.

MasterSeal 910 is a re-swellable gasket system suitable for all construction joints subject to hydrostatic pressure, on one or both sides. In contact with water, acrylate-based MasterSeal 910 will swell without changing the homogeneous structure of the polymer matrix. The pressure of the swelling action causes MasterSeal 910 to profile itself exactly into the joint, filling all cavities and effectively stopping water seepage, even at high external water pressure.

MasterSeal 910 is adhered to the surface with MasterSeal 912 which is a one component, moisture curing pre-polymer which is reswellable when in contact with water, suitable for the permanent sealing of construction joints in concrete structures.

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Revit 2015 1 1.3
IFC2X3 1 1.3
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