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BASF - MasterEmaco T 545

MasterEmaco T 545 is a specially formulated repair mortar, based on magnesia-phosphate cement pre-mixed with selected aggregates, which gives controlled, extremely high early strengths in temperatures ranging from -20°C (or lower) up to over 30°C.

MasterEmaco T 545 provides a repair material for concrete slabs which reaches an adequate strength for trafficking, or other use, at a very early age. It is also suitable for use as a repair medium at low ambient temperatures.

When MasterEmaco T 545 is added to the gauging water and mixed, an exothermic chemical reaction commences and a chemical setting process takes place within approximately 15 minutes (at 20°C). The material hardens to give sufficiently high early strength to receive heavy traffic within a period of less than one hour at 15 - 20°C. Application depths can be from 20 mm to 75 mm unfilled and less that 75 mm to 150 mm if filled with 10 mm aggregate.

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Can be placed in sub-zero temperatures, high strength at 45 minutes, minimum delay to traffic and production, re-opening to traffic within 45 minutes at 20°C. Ready for use, only requires the addition of water

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