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BAL Rapid XP Plus - Tile Adhesive

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Building Adhesives Ltd

Flexible tile adhesive. Rapid-setting pourable highly polymer-modified cement-based powder with BAL Fibre Strand Technology (FST).

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Use for:

  • Fixing ceramics, porcelain and vitrified tiles, mosaics, most natural stone, terrazzo and brick slips in dry or wet interior and exterior environments. 
  • Recommended for large format wall and floor tiles and larger format panels* (i.e. 3 m x 1 m in size), areas of total immersion in water e.g. swimming pools and showers. 
  • Uneven thickness tiles/slabs.
  • Fixing onto uneven surfaces.
  • Installations subject to limited movement and vibration.
  • Heated screeds and undertile heating.
  • Patch repair mortar.

Suitable surfaces:

  • Plaster.
  • Plasterboard.
  • Lightweight blockwork/walling.
  • Dense concrete/blockwork walling.
  • Concrete; cement: sand screeds and rendering.
  • BAL QUICKSET CEMENT: sand screeds and rendering.
  • Asphalt (Flooring Grade Only).
  • Fibre reinforced cement boards and lightweight tile backer boards (Walls).
  • Anhydrite/calcium sulfate and hemi-hydrate screed.
  • Using onto BAL FLEXBONE 2Easy over Anhydrite/calcium sulfate and hemi-hydrate screed.
  • Overlaid timber floors (min. 15 mm).
  • Tongued and grooved floorboards with BAL RAPID-MAT or BAL FLEXBONE 2Easy.
  • Existing glazed/unglazed ceramic tiles, quarry tiles, terrazzo and natural stone.
  • Undertile electrical heating systems.
  • Existing vinyl tiles.
  • Heated screeds.

See manufacturer's literature for further information.


Rapid-setting, pourable, highly polymer-modified, water/frost-resistant cementitious tile adhesive for walls and floors.

Features and benefits:

  • Unique structure and rheology to mix as high-grab, non-slip wall adhesive or a pourable floor adhesive.
  • Extended working time of 60 minutes.
  • Extended open time of 30 minutes.
  • Rapid-setting: grout after just 3 hours at any thickness.
  • ‘FST’ formulation for improved flexibility and strength.
  • Super-smooth for easier mixing and applications.
  • One adhesive colour; suitable for use on most installations.
  • Higher polymer content for increased flexibility gaining a deformable S1 classification.

Not suitable for metal, painting, glass/ metal tiles with water-sensitive coating on back, plywood walls, existing glazed tiles,

General information






Polymer-modified cement



Warranty description

25 year


Pr_20_31_02_89 Tile adhesivesPrimary
Pr_35_31_06_69 Quick-drying levelling screed mixes
Pr_35_31_06_77 Screed flooring


M10/7 Proprietary quick drying levelling screeds

M10/130 Proprietary quick drying levelling screeds

Specification data - Tile adhesives


To BS EN 12004, BS EN ISO 9001, ISO 14001.



Guidance for specification option:

Cementitious Adhesive with Improved / Additional Characteristics, Fast Setting, Reduced slip, Extended Open time and Deformable. Pourable achieved with more water added.

Manufacturer guidance

To BS EN 12004.

Open time (minimum)

>30 minutes at 20°C.



Bed height

2—25 mm.

Pot life

60 minutes at 20°C.

Setting time

3 hours at 20°C.


Guidance for specification option:

May vary dependent on nature and flatness of surface, and on trowel used:

  • Dry wall: 4 mm notched, 0.6 m²/kg.
  • Dry wall: 6 mm notched, 0.5 m²/kg.
  • Wet wall: 6 mm notched (solid bed), 0.4 m²/kg.
  • Exteriors/ floors: 10 mm notched (solid bed), 0.25 m²/kg.
  • Exteriors/ floors: 20 mm notched (solid bed), 0.125 m²/kg.

Temperature resistance

-30°C to 100°C.

Pack size

20 kg.


Rapid-setting pourable highly polymer-modified cement based powder with BAL Fibre Strand.

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