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Bailey Sure-Coat Roofing System


Suitable for both new construction and refurbishment projects, the Bailey Sure-Coat is tailored for use as a cap sheet in a cold applied roof overlay system, or as a cold applied cap sheet in a traditional built up roofing system. This system can also be used for podium decks and as a detailing product to complement other roofing systems.


Cold applied and quick curing, the Bailey Sure-Coat is a single component, high performance liquid polyurethane membrane for flat roofing applications.

Features and benefits:

  • Fast and efficient - 2.5 hours curing time.
  • Cost effective.
  • Time saving - option for installing wet-on-wet system.
  • Single component membrane.
  • Non-slip - comes with additional granular walkway finishes.
  • Detailing - brilliant for application around difficult details.
  • Versatile - can be applied to new build projects and over most refurbishment substrates/ existing waterproofing.
  • Humidity primer - can be applied to damp decks.
  • Low odour - with option for a zero odour membrane.

General information



Light grey and dark grey.


Polyurethane (PUR)


20 year

Uniclass 2015

Ss_32_80_03_14 Cold-applied liquid waterproofing systemsPrimary


J30/10 Cold applied damp proofing

J30/130 Cold applied damp proofing . . . . . .

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Bailey Sure-Coat Flexible Porous Deck Primer.

For mastic asphalt and bitumen felt overlays. 100-200 g/m².

Bailey Sure-Coat Humidity Primer - 2 component.

For damp concrete and timber. 300g/m².

Bailey Sure-Coat PU Primer.

For clean metal, PVC overlays and GRP trims. 50-100g/m².

Bailey Sure-Coat PU ZN Primer.

For rusted metal. Two layers - 300 g/m² x each layer.

Bailey Sure-Coat Porous Deck Primer.

For dry concrete and timber. 100-200 g/m².




Bailey Sure-Coat UV Cover Coat.

Bailey Sure-Coat Pigmented Hard-Wearing Walkway Liquid.


Bailey Sure-Coat Glass Fibre Reinforcement Mesh.



Jointing tape

Bailey Sure-Coat Butyl Tex Tape - 75 mm x 20 m.

Bailey Sure-Coat Butyl Tex Tape - 150 mm x 20 m.

Product Reference

Bailey Sure-Coat Roofing System


Bailey Sure-Coat QC Dark Grey.

Bailey Sure-Coat QC Light Grey.

Fire performance

To BS EN 13501-5, Broof(t4)


Bailey Sure-Coat PU Cold-Applied Liquid Plastic Brochure

Bailey Sure-Coat PU Cold-Applied Liquid Plastic Brochure