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Bailey - Total Building Envelope

Bailey - Total Building Envelope

Leading Specialist in the Manufacture & Supply of rainscreen cladding systems and flat roofing

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Why Bailey?

For nearly five decades, Bailey has specialised in designing and manufacturing architectural façades, amassing a wealth of technical expertise and creative vision. In an industry that continually evolves, we remain committed to investing in the latest skills and resources to help our clients succeed.

Our years of experience have given us a deep understanding of the objectives architects and contractors have for creating exceptional buildings. This knowledge allows us to deliver results that exceed client expectations.

Based in Horsham, West Sussex, we have spent almost 50 years passionately designing, developing and producing premier rainscreen façade systems. We take immense pride in creating stunning façades that positively impact their environments. If you require a façade partner with proven expertise, comprehensive resources and unparalleled know-how, look no further than Bailey.

Complete Technical Support

However vast or geometrically complex the project, we will work alongside you to design, manufacture and supply the perfect solution.

With almost 50 years’ experience and technical knowledge, you can trust us to offer the best possible support and advice throughout your project.

Our team has the expertise to translate and integrate all of the information from suppliers, architects and engineers – a completely collaborative way of working.

Our technical support service includes:

  • A full design & specification writing service
  • Budget costings & fully detailed quotations
  • Detailed product training & installation guides
  • On-site assistance & project assessment
  • Condition reports
  • Aftercare & maintenance
  • 3D Modeling
  • Structural Engineering
  • Scheduling

Sustainable Solutions

In a world where sustainability is no longer a buzzword but a necessity, Bailey’s Sustainable Solutions stands out as a trailblazer, setting new benchmarks in the industry. With an unwavering dedication to environmental responsibility and a people-centric approach, this company is doing what others can’t, leaving an indelible mark on the path towards a greener future.

Bailey’s Sustainable Solutions is more than just a business; it’s a testament to the power of innovation and the relentless pursuit of excellence. Their aluminium rainscreen solutions are a true embodiment of sustainability, designed with meticulous attention to detail and a deep understanding of the industry’s evolving needs.

Holding the prestigious ISO 14001 accreditation, Bailey’s Sustainable Solutions puts people first, ensuring a safe and healthy working environment for their employees. This commitment to occupational well-being is a testament to their unwavering dedication to standing the test of time, building a legacy that transcends mere profit motives.

But what truly sets Bailey’s Sustainable Solutions apart is their transparency and commitment to empowering their clients. Through their Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs), they provide valuable insights into the energy efficiency, recyclability, and low carbon footprint of their aluminium rainscreen systems. This data-driven approach enables architects, specifiers, and construction professionals to make informed decisions that prioritise environmental impact, paving the way for a more sustainable built environment.

With a track record of excellence and a vision that extends far beyond the present, Bailey’s Sustainable Solutions is redefining industry standards, proving that sustainable solutions can be both innovative and enduring, leaving a lasting impact on the world we live in.

Our Values

Putting People First

We’re people first and building envelope specialists second. So, we look after each other - and our clients. We know that from a clear understanding of your needs comes great service. It’s about being pro-active, professional, and collaborative. Simple.

Standing the Test of Time

The world is a different place since 1975. Whilst fashions come and go, one thing stays the same: Bailey’s forward-thinking approach in the specialist area of façades and our commitment to making the working lives of architects and contractors easier.

Doing What Others Can't

We are often called on to undertake the complex projects that others avoid. Why? Because we care about your success. It’s the time to understand your project and the trust in our own expertise that together, bring your vision to life.



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Bailey Platinum Modular Aluminium Rainscreen Cladding System - Secret Fix, Drain & Ventilated

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Bailey Prima Recess Fixed Aluminium Rainscreen Cladding System

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Synergy Rainscreen System

Synergy Rainscreen System

Trade names

  • Atlantic
  • Classic Plus FR
  • Sure-Line
  • System 17000
  • System 5000
  • C-Fix
  • Synergy
  • Platinum
  • I-Line
  • Laser-Line
  • Harmony
  • Prima
  • Sure-Ply
  • V-Plank
  • Sure-Coat
  • Cohort
  • Samson
  • Sure-Therm
  • Panel
  • Zenith
  • Summit