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A range of single layer, polyester reinforced modified bitumen sheet membranes designed for use on inverted roof systems on concrete substrates.

General information
Specification data - Reinforced bitumen membrane inverted roof covering systems
Product Reference

Axter single layer roofing system


Not required

Axter Vernis Antac

Quick drying bituminous based primer.

Waterproof covering -

Axter Force 4000 Trafic

Polyester reinforced membrane.

Axter Force Dalle SK

Self adhesive, polyester reinforced membrane.


Loose laid

Fully bonded - cold/ self adhesive

Fully bonded - torching

Loose laid insulation -

Not required

Axter XPS

Extruded polystyrene boards.


___ mm

Filter layer

Not required

Axter geotextile

Product Options

Insulation thickness:

Thickness of insulation will be determined by U-value requirement. Axter can advise on required thickness and means of laying.

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