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Ash GP 140 mm 3.6 N Concrete Blocks

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Lignacite Ltd

General purpose, medium density concrete blocks.

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Suitable for use in commercial and housing projects.

Can be used to construct internal walls in commercial, industrial and leisure buildings. The blocks can be used for the following:

  • The inner and outer leaves of external cavity walls;
  • Internal walls including fire break walls;
  • Separating walls including those conforming to Robust Detail specifications;
  • External and internal walls below ground (3.6 N/mm² blocks can be used in both inner leaf and internal walls; 7.3 N/mm² blocks to other locations);
  • Infill units to beam and block flooring.

The blocks can accommodate drylining, dense plaster, finishing coats and external rendering.


Standard plasterboard can be fixed with adhesive dabs or onto timber battens or metal studs.


  • Dense plasters can be applied using either 1:1:6 cement:lime:sand or 1:4½ masonry cement:sand or 1:5½ cement:sand and plasticizer. It is advisable to use a bonding treatment prior to applying cement render plasters.
  • Lightweight plasters should be used in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. Suitable plasters include British Gypsum’s Thistle Hardwall. 
  • Finishing coats include British Gypsum’s Thistle Multi-Finish.


  • Ash GP has moderate absorption. The textured surface aids the adhesion of plasters and renders.
  • Before rendering, all dirt and debris must be removed from the surface. Traditional renders should be applied in two coats with the first coat applied to a greater thickness than the top coat (the first coat should be 8–12 mm thick and the top coat 6–8 mm). Render designation iii/M4 should be used, as shown in Table 7.
  • It is important that blocks are protected from the weather prior to and during rendering.
  • Builders considering the use of proprietary render systems must exercise caution and accurately adhere to the render manufacturer’s design and specification instructions. Detailed guidance is also published in the NHBC Standards, Chapter 6.11- Render. Strictly adhere to the specific application instructions, paying particular attention to prevailing weather conditions and the minimum recommended thickness of single coat renders.

Consult manufacturer for further finish recommendations.


Ash GP medium density concrete blocks are robust and durable, making them the perfect choice for walls built above and below ground. Manufactured to BS EN 771-3, their textured faces provide an excellent surface for mortars, renders and plasters. They also provide a strong base for holding fixings.

Ash GP blocks contain a proportion of recycled materials, and their sustainability performance has been verified through an Environmental Performance Declaration (EPD).

Features and benefits:

  • Also available in 100 mm thickness (specified separately).
  • Also available in mean unit strengths of 7.3 or 10.4 N/mm², in both in 100 or 140 mm thicknesses (specified separately).
  • Robust and durable.
  • Good surface key for the direct application of plasters and renders.
  • For use internally and externally, above and below ground.
  • High levels of air tightness, sound insulation and fire resistance.
  • Provides a strong background for holding fixings.
  • Over one-third of the materials come from sustainable sources.
  • Credits available under BREEAM and Code for Sustainable Homes.
  • CE marked to BS EN 771-3.
  • Can be used to satisfy the requirements of Part L of the Building Regulations.
  • Good technical performance, high recycled content

Sound properties:

Ash GP blockwork provides excellent levels of sound insulation between buildings and adjoining rooms. It can be used in cavity party wall constructions in dwellings, satisfying the specifications for lightweight blockwork in accordance with Building Regulations’ Approved Document E. It can also be used to construct party walls meeting Robust Detail specifications (e.g., Robust Details E-WM-2, 4, 8, 11, 14, 17, 20, 21, 22, 27, 28 and 33).


The mortar type for work above ground level should be designation (iii) / Compressive Class M4. Stronger mixes may be used only with the permission of the designer. Stronger mixes may also be required for work below ground in accordance with PD 6697. Consult manufacturer for details.

Movement joints:

  • Vertical movement joints should be considered in accordance with masonry design codes and the recommendations of Published Document PD 6697, at 6.0–7.0 metre spacings. In areas of increased stress, such as above and below openings in external walls, the blockwork may need to be reinforced to restrain movement.
  • The design of walls should be in accordance with relevant design standards including BS 8103-2, BS EN 1996-1-1 and the requirements of the Building Regulations.

Service life:

  • When properly constructed, the durability of walls built using Lignacite products will match that of traditional masonry and will fulfil their intended function for the life of the building in which they have been installed (typically 100 years).
  • The blocks themselves will require no maintenance. Maintenance for walls will normally include the replacement of sealant in movement joints and at junctions / openings. Repointing for walls that are exposed to the elements may be necessary towards the end of their service life.


Lignacite Ltd also meets the requirements of BES 6001 – Framework Standard for the Responsible Sourcing of Construction Products (Certificate No: BES 580823). This independently awarded Responsible Sourcing Certification confirms that our products have been made with constituent materials that have been responsibly sourced. This extends to organisational governance, supply chain management and environmental and social aspects, all of which must be addressed in order to ensure the responsible sourcing of construction products. Certification to BES 6001 will allow credits to be gained under environment assessment schemes such as BREEAM.

General information










440 mm


140 mm


215 mm


Pr_20_93_52_01 Aggregate concrete blocksPrimary


E60/297 Proprietary infill blocks

F10/18 Concrete facing blockwork

F10/355 Concrete common blockwork

Product range

Ash GP Medium Dense Block Range

Specification data - Aggregate concrete blocks


To BS EN 771-3.

Block description

Medium density, load bearing block for general purpose walling applications.


Scratched surface to aid the key of plaster and render finishes.


Group 1.

Compressive strength


Mean value

3.6 N/mm².



Thermal conductivity

0.47 W/m·K at 3% moisture content (internal use); 0.51 W/m·K at 5% moisture content (external use).

Thermal resistance

0.298 m²K/W at 3% moisture content; 0.274 m²K/W at 5% moisture content..

Work sizes (length x width x height)

440 x 140 x 215 mm.

Tolerance category




Net dry density

1450 kg/m³.

Reaction to fire

Class A1.

Water vapour permeability

5/15 µ.

Moisture movement

<0.5 mm/m.


1000 J/kg/K.

Weighted sound reduction index, Rw

Rw 48–49 dB (dependent on application).

Plaster finish: 49 dB; plasterboard on dabs: 48 dB.

Fire resistance

Non-loadbearing wall (criteria E1): 3 hours; loadbearing wall (criteria RE1): 4 hours.

Third-party certification

BSI Kitemark approved.

Unit weight

19.6 kg.

Laid weight including mortar: 210 kg/m².

Sustainability data

Country of material origin


Country of product manufacture

United Kingdom

Embodied carbon

A1-A3 (production stage) as defined in BS EN 15804

0.14 kg CO₂ eq/kg

Rounded down to two decimal places; manufacturer's value is 0.144 kg·CO2e/kg.

This figure is derived from the carbon value as per the EPD divided by the unit mass.




Ash GP Datasheet

Ash GP Datasheet

Case studies

The Paddocks

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