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Profiled steel insulated composite panels for roofs and walls.

  • Suitable for fixing to steel or timber spacer bars or purlins. Maximum purlin centres: 1.8 m. Wider centres may be possible in certain circumstances - consult manufacturer.
  • Choice of steel weather sheet.
  • Bonded core: PIR (Polyisocyanurate).
  • Choice of steel liner sheet.
  • Suitable for roof cladding. Pitch (minimum): 4º.
  • Suitable for wall cladding.
  • Allows, rapid completion of the weatherproof envelope.
  • Weathersheet profile features 5 and 35 mm deep ribs to exterior.
  • Suitable for site cutting using reciprocating or circular saw.
  • Co-ordinating elements available: structural elements, profiled rooflights, flashings, guttering, doors, louvre panels, sealants.


  • General: Possible through valleys or crowns. Valley fixing recommended. Stainless steel or carbon steel, self drilling screws with press on or integral caps and 19 mm EPDM washers.
  • To steel: Should pass through the section, leaving minimum 5 mm exposed thread.
  • To wood: Must achieve 40 mm (minimum) embedment.


  • Varies with exposure, type of weathersheet and colour. Consult manufacturer.
  • Typical interval to first repainting (minimum): 20–30 years.


  • Class O spread of flame.
  • Roof panels, external spread of fire: AA rating.

General information

LPCB approved


Carbon steel

Uniclass 2015 Carbon steel insulating sandwich panels (Pr_25_71_14_22)
Specification data
Product Reference

AS35/ 1000 Insulated Panels

Panels -

AS35/ 1000

For roof or wall panels.

AS35/ 1000 Firefighter

For wall panels.

AS35/ 1000 Firefighter Plus

For wall panels.


40 mm

AS35/ 1000 only.

60 mm

AS35/ 1000 and AS35/ 1000 Firefighter only.

80 mm

AS35/ 1000 and AS35/ 1000 Firefighter only.

90 mm

100 mm

AS35/ 1000, AS35/ 1000 Firefighter and AS35/ 1000 Firefighter Plus.

105 mm

115 mm

120 mm

137 mm

Weather sheet -

0.5 mm

0.7 mm


Corus HPS200 Ultra

Organic coated steel. 'Scintilla' embossed texture. Durable.

Corus Colourcoat Verso

Organic coated steel. 'C' embossed texture. Durable.

Dobel 200XT

Plastisol coated steel. Leathergrain texture. Durable.

Dobel Nova

Acrylic polymer coated steel. Smooth texture.

Plastisol, 200µ

Leathergrain texture. Durable.

Polyester paint

Smooth texture. Economic.


Fluorocarbon coated steel. Smooth texture. Colour and temperature stable.


As drawing ___

As schedule ___



Standard product features

Bonded core:

PIR (Polyisocyanurate). Lower thermal conductivity than mineral wool or EPS (expanded polystyrene). Uses non-ozone depleting blowing agent.

Liner sheet:

0.4 mm steel sheet with shallow profile. 18µ white painted finish.

Cover width:


Product Options

Panel type:

  • AS35/ 1000: Non fire rated. Grade EXT-B.
  • AS35/ 1000 Firefighter: Fire resistance: 125 min. Integrity of insulation: 20 min to BS 476_22. LPCB (Loss Prevention Certification Board) grade EXT-A15.
  • AS35/ 1000 Firefighter Plus: Fire resistance: 125 min. Integrity of insulation: 46 min to BS 476_22. LPCB grade EXT-A30.
  • Suitable installation distance from boundary may be determined by panel type.

Weather sheet:

– Finish:

  • Corus HPS200 Ultra: 200 µ organic finish on aluminium/ zinc alloy coating.
  • Corus Colourcoat Verso: 200 µ organic finish on aluminium/ zinc alloy coating.
  • PVDF: 27 µ stoved fluorocarbon finish. Excellent colourfastness.
  • Dobel 200XT: 200 µ PVC exterior finish. Leathergrain embossed. Heat cured epoxy interior finish.
  • Dobel Nova: 50 µ acrylic polymer finish. High wear resistance, excellent colourfastness, good flexibility. Wholly recyclable.
  • Plastisol: 200µ PVC finish.

– Colour:

  • Availability of colours varies with weathersheet. Select from samples, not from printed charts. Some colours approximate to BS shades. Consult manufacturer.
  • High volume colours at lower cost: Goosewing grey, Juniper green, Merlin grey, Olive green, Slate blue.
  • Other standard colours: Bamboo, Black, Buttermilk, Cornflower blue, Forest green, Jade, Ivory, Wedgewood Blue, Mushroom, New grey, New red, Ocean blue, Pacific blue, Pigeon grey, Poppy red, Moorland Green, Terracotta, Vandyke brown, White, Willow.
  • Other colours may be available to special order. Consult manufacturer.

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