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Armourcoat® Decorative Paint Perlata

Armourcoat Ltd Third party certifications:
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A pearlescent, water-based decorative paint with excellent scrub, stain and mould resistance.

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  • Suitable for seamless internal application to walls and ceilings.
  • Suitable for well ventilated areas exposed to moisture, but not suitable as a waterproof finish.
  • Can be applied directly to any stable, firm substrate that is ready for decoration such as plastered masonry (block, brick or concrete), taped and skimmed boards such as plasterboard, single sheet 18mm primed MDF.
  • Suitable for existing painted walls and ceilings provided the paint is well-adhered to the substrate.
  • Also available on pre-manufactured, ready to hang panels.

Materials and number of coats:

  • System build-up comprising three-four coats (approximate total 1mm).


Perlata is a luxurious decorative paint with unique surface movement and a subtle shimmer.

It is a durable, water-based coating with zero VOCs for use on walls and ceilings. It is cleanable, antibacterial and mould & mildew resistant, making it ideal for use in high moisture areas such as swimming pools.

It is also available with an optional transparent protective sealer for additional abrasion resistance.

Product attributes:

  • VOC content to ISO 11890-2: <1 g/L
  • Spread of flame (one coat BaseColor, two coats Perlata) to BS 476: Class 0. Spread of flame (one coat BaseColor, two coats Perlata, one coat Clearseal Gloss) to ASTM E84: Class A.
  • Wet scrub resistance to ASTM D 2486: 1075 cycles. Wet scrub resistance with Clearseal Gloss sealer to ASTM D 2486: 1925 cycles.
  • Mould and mildew resistance to ASTM D 3273 and ASTM D 3274: 10/ 10/ 10.
  • Fungal and algal evaluated – no visible growth.
  • Anti-bacterial tested to JIS Z 2801 for E. coli, MRSA and salmonella.
  • Stain resistance tested to ASTM D1308.
  • 96 colours.
  • Can be used in bathrooms and swimming pools.

General information


  • Choice of 96 standard colours.
  • Custom colours available on bulk orders.






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1 mm


One year

One year materials warranty for internal applications


Pr_35_31_68_40 Hygienic coatingsPrimary


M60/195 Special coating

Specification data - Hygienic coatings




001 Raw Silk.

002 Citrus Mist.

003 Lemon Pie.

004 Panna Cotta.

005 Buttered Popcorn.

006 Marigold Bloom.

007 Unbleached Calico.

008 Crushed Macadamia.

009 Malted Barley.

010 Champagne Satin.

011 Vermiculite.

012 Golden Carp.

013 Apricot Sorbet.

014 Glazed Doughnut.

015 Tiger's Eye.

016 Himalayan Yak.

017 Gingerbread Fudge.

018 Cinnamon Stick.

019 Tumbled Sunstone.

020 Weathered Brownstone.

021 Brown Agate.

022 Rose Quartz.

023 Mars Dust.

024 Californian Redwood.

025 Aged Pewter.

026 Burnished Steel.

027 Volcanic Glass.

028 Sea Foam.

029 Moonscape.

030 Winter Sky.

031 Heat Shimmer.

032 Oyster Pearl.

033 Smoky Quartz.

034 Vanilla Frosting.

035 Desert Fox.

036 Masala Chai.

037 Ice Storm.

038 Milk Thistle.

039 Artichoke Leaf.

040 Morning Dew.

041 Frosty Grass.

042 Botanical Ocean.

043 Glacial Landscape.

044 Polished Moonstone.

045 Aquamarine Wave.

046 Icy Peaks.

047 December Morning.

048 Arctic Passage.

049 Water Sapphire.

050 Moon Dance.

051 Ocean Depths.

052 Amethyst Cluster.

053 Iris Flower.

054 Cornflower Meadow.

55 Asparagus Tip.

056 Dried Lavender.

057 Wild Plum.

058 Celestial Dream.

059 Sleeping Satellite.

060 Deep Space.

061 Washed Brass.

062 Purple Haze.

063 Ripe Fig.

064 Golden Jade.

065 Peacock's Tail.

066 Hummingbird.

067 Rockpool Reflection.

068 Cut Tourmaline.

069 Polynesian Pearl.

070 Cured Olive.

071 Forest Floor.

072 Hidden Gold.

073 Dappled Sun.

074 Islay Malt.

075 Golden Fleece.

076 Summer Cornfield.

077 Bee Pollen.

078 Raw Honey.

079 Sahara Dune.

080 Lychee Spritz.

081 Copper Kettle.

082 Vermont Fall.

083 Chocolate Sourdough.

084 Unprepared Coffee.

085 Burnt Meringue.

086 Canyon Shadow.

087 Untrodden Path.

088 Roasted Hazelnut.

089 Mountain Bear.

090 Gnarled Bark.

091 Frozen Soil.

092 Ground Cumin.

093 Autumn Wetlands.

094 Marsh Crocodile.

095 Khaki Earth.

096 Pine Forest.

Resistance to organisms

Mould and mildew resistance, to ASTM D3274: 10/10/10, Scrub resistance to ASTM D2486: 1,150 to 1,925 cycles.

Applied finish

Not required.

Clearseal gloss.

Transparent polyurethane/ acrylic.


As schedule.

As drawing.

VOC content

VOC Content/Emissions

Indoor Air Comfort Gold: Pass, BREEAM International v2.0 (2016): Exemplary Level, ISO 11890-2: <1, LEED v4 + v4.1 BETA: Pass.


To BS 476 Part 6&7: Class 0, ASTM E84: Class A.

Environmental information

Country of product manufacture

United Kingdom

Embodied carbon

0.97 kg CO₂ eq/kg


Armourcoat Decorative Paint Perlata - Technical Document

Armourcoat Decorative Paint Perlata - Technical Document

Case studies

Wakefields' "wow" factor

Wakefields' "wow" factor

White & Co, Battersea Power Station

White & Co, Battersea Power Station

Third party certifications



Armourcoat Decorative Paint Perlata - Environmental Product Declaration

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