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Arboseal Intumescent Tape


Suitable for internal and external fire retardant glazing.


A fire-retardant butyl strip for glazing fire resistant doors and windows ducting.

Features and benefits:

  • When subjected to flame, will intumesce (expand and char), thus blocking the passage of smoke.
  • It is not intended for direct exposure to extreme chemical conditions, or for continuous immersion.
  • Not recommended for external glazing or exposed situations without an Arbosil 1070 or Arbosil 1071 sealant capping. Painting of the tape is not recommended.
  • Good UV resistance.
  • Tested to: BS 476: Part 22: 1987. Test report IT 349; BS 476 Part 20: 1987.
  • WARRES Report No: C118002.
  • Fire integrity: 38 minutes.
  • Health and safety: There are no health hazards associated with normal work, however regular users are advised to wear gloves.
  • The Planning Supervisor for the project should be informed of the specification of this product so its use can be included in the Health and Safety Plan.

General information









12000 mm


15 mm


3 mm


Pr_35_90_87_30 Fire-resistant glazing tapesPrimary


L40/505 Fire-resistant tape/ Strip glazing

L40/65 Fire-resistant tape/ Strip glazing

Specification data - Fire-resistant glazing tapes Enhanced data


To BS 476-20 and BS 476-22.


Intumescent butyl - 30 minutes FR.


15 x 3 mm.




Pointing sealant

Not required.

Arbosil 1070 Sealant Capping.

  • This fire-resisting silicone sealant is recommended as a capping to the Arboseal intumescent tape in external glazing or exposed conditions.
  • Correctly applied the sealant should not require maintenance and has an anticipated life of in excess of 25 years.
  • Painting of the sealant is not recommended.
  • The sealant is not recommended for use with laminated glass or against natural stone.
  • It is resistant to most alkalis and dilute acids; organic solvents may cause the sealant to swell and loose adhesion, but do not directly dissolve the material.

UV resistance:

  • Very good.

Curing time:

  • 7–14 days depending on joint configuration and atmospheric conditions.

Primer for brickwork/ concrete and stained timber frames:

  • Arbo Primer 2650.
  • Primers are available to suit other substrates, refer to technical literature for details.

Joint backing:

  • Arboseal Intumescent Tape.

Application temperature:

  • +5 to +50°C.

Specification compliance:

  • Tested to BS 476: Part 20: 1987.
  • Refer to technical literature for details of other BS, DIN and US Federal standards that the tape complies with.

Fire integrity:

  • Single seal – 4 hour integrity and 30 minute insulation.
  • Double seal – 4 hour integrity and 4 hour insulation.

Standard colours:

  • Black and Grey. Other colours are available to special order.

Joint width:

  • Minimum 6 mm. Maximum 25 mm (single application).
  • Minimum joint depth (porous substrates): 10 mm.
  • Joint depth: Minimum (non-porous substrates) 10 mm. Maximum 25 mm.

Health and safety:

  • Avoid prolonged contact with the skin.
  • The Planning Supervisor for the project should be informed of the specification of this product so its use can be included in the Health and Safety Plan.



Arbo Primer 2650.

Environmental information

Country of material origin

United Kingdom

Country of product manufacture

United Kingdom

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