A tree-friendly, porous tree pit surface made from resin bonded gravel forming a porous cap over the tree pit.

Features and benefits:

  • Surface structure allows free flow of air and water to the root zone.
  • Will support light vehicular traffic (when laid to a minimum depth of 75 mm).
  • Avoids problems associated with loose gravel.
  • A standard galvanized steel frame is available to provide an edge to the paving and bound gravel edge to support paving loading for light traffic.
  • A choice of aggregate colour for different applications.

Surface preparation and application:

  • The area must be clean and dry.
  • 100 mm minimum infill depth is required.
  • A porous geotextile to be placed at the bottom of the area to be surfaced.
  • 30–50 mm of loose aggregate is placed on top of the geotextile layer. It is important to leave a space around the tree to allow for the eventual increase in trunk diameter - this area can be filled with loose aggregate and capped off with Arboresin no greater than 10 mm thick.
  • Mix the washed and dried aggregate with the mixed resin and hardener and place on the loose aggregate to the required depth (50 or 75 mm), trowelling to a smooth finish.
  • Some aggregate colours require a UV-resistant resin system.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_35_31_05_71 Resin-bound mixed aggregate surfacingsPrimary


Q31/512 Tree pit irrigation and ventilation accessories

Specification data - Resin-bound mixed aggregate surfacings

Product Reference

GreenBlue Urban ArboResin porous tree pit surfacing system




Brittany Bronze

Dorset Gold

Red Granite

Silver Grey Granite


50 mm

For pedestrian only areas.

75 mm

For areas subject to light vehicular overrun.

Galvanized steel outer edge support frame


Not required

Product Options

Galvanized steel outer edge support frame:

Frame can be supplied with provision for fixing a vertical tree guard to, Pre Cast version grilles with premixed ArboResin are also available.