Arbo Polymer Putty

Arbo Polymer Putty is a one part water based acrylic putty designed to combine the benefits of modern polymer technology with the ease of cartridge application for use in many traditional glazing applications.

Recommended for the face glazing of wooden windows and traditionally painted steel windows, for patch repairs to putty facings on wood and steel windows. Not recommended for use with double glazed units or laminated glass.

Recommended accessories:

  • Arbo Cleaner No. 17 (Xylene based).
  • Arbo Cleaner No. 16 (Alcohol based).

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_30_31_68_51 Metal casement puttiesPrimary


L40/210 Putty-fronted single-glazing

L40/40 Putty-fronted single-glazing

Specification data - Metal casement putties

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Arbo Polymer Putty

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Technical data:

  • Application temperature: 5–40 ºC.
  • Service temperature: -20 to +70 ºC.
  • Cure rate at 20 ºC/ 65% RH: Dependent upon sealant depth, ambient temperature and humidity.
  • Chemical resistance: Fair resistance to most dilute acids and alkalis. Poor resistance to organic solvents.
  • Service life: 15 years+.
  • UV resistance: Good.
  • Paintability: Painting will extend the life of the product. Paintable with most common paint finishes once product has skinned and firmed. A trial area is recommended.

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