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Aquastrip is an easy-to-use, high performance and cost effective strip for joining precast concrete manholes, inspection chambers, shafts, caissons, ogee pipes and box culverts. Tested to BS, EN, ISO, DIN and ASTM standards, Aquastrip provides a flexible and watertight seal against pressures in excess of 5 bar. It is a polymer modified, bituminous compound incorporating temperature extenders. Used with rapid drying Aquastrip Primer for increased adhesion.


  • Composition recommended by BS 6213:1982 for jointing concrete, culverts, subways, water retaining and water excluding structures.
  • Tested to BS EN 1917 - the new UK and European Standard for Concrete Manholes and Joints.
  • Performance easily exceeds the 0.5 bar/ 15 minutes water test. Enables the concrete manufacturer to supply units complying with the new standard.
  • Made in various cross sections designed to seal all types and sizes of joints in manholes, inspection chambers, ogee pipes and box culverts.
  • In manholes, Aquastrip meets the joint sealant requirement of FWR Materials Selection Manual 1993, UKWIR 'CESWI' (5th edition, 1998) and WRc Sewers for Adoption (5th edition, 2001).
  • In box culverts, Aquastrip meets the joint sealant requirements of CIRIA Culvert Design Guide 1997 and Highways Agency Design Standard BD 31, 2001.
  • Aquastrip has a wide temperature range with improved flexibility in cold weather for easier application and jointing.
  • Plastoelastic properties and high adhesion provide a permanent watertight seal during and after settlement, ground movement, side loadings etc, as required by BS EN 752-3:1997, the UK and European Standard for Drains and Sewers.
  • Resistant to sulfates, acids, alkalis, salts, groundwater, trade effluent, grease, sewage and micro-organisms.
  • Aquastrip enables the contractor to install watertight manholes, inspection chambers, drainage pipelines and culverts quickly and economically without the need for in situ concrete surrounds, while still meeting full life cycle durability requirements.

General information


[Size, Refer to manufacturer's literature for sizes appropriate to range of manhole diameters]


Uniclass 2015

Pr_35_90_87_71 Resin impregnated pre-compressed foam sealing stripsPrimary


R12/342 Pipes, bends and junctions – concrete

R12/407 Manholes and inspection chambers – concrete

R12/444 Sealing for concrete manholes – bituminous strips

Specification data - Resin impregnated pre-compressed foam sealing strips

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Aquastrip Primer

Size (w x d)

25 x 20 mm

40 x 25 mm

60 x 12 mm

80 x 12 mm

120 x 12 mm

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Standard product features


  • Composition: Polymer modified bituminous compound incorporating temperature extenders, elastomer and mineral powder.
  • Specific gravity (at 25°C): 1.46 g/cm³.
  • Temperature range: Application, -5–40°C; service, -20–50°C.
  • Water tightness (minimum): 0.5 bar/ 15 minutes at 20°C (BS EN 1917), tested to 5.0 bar/ 15 minutes at 20°C.
  • Water absorption: 0.025% (DIN 4062).
  • Chemical resistance: Very good (acids and alkalis, pH 2–12).
  • Microbiological resistance: Excellent.
  • Root resistance: Fully resistant (DIN 4062, Building Regulations).

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Refer to manufacturer's literature for sizes appropriate to range of manhole diameters.