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Ancon Self Drilling Screw

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Stainless steel and coated steel self-drilling screws.

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High thread screws accommodate insulation between a surface fixed channel and steel frame.


A range of self-drilling screws available in stainless and coated steel.

The screws incorporate a shaped drill tip of hardened steel allowing installation without pre-drilling. In addition Ancon can supply high thread screws for larger cavities.

General information


Pr_20_29_76_76 Self-drilling screwsPrimary


F30/290 Proprietary special fixings

Product range

Channel and Bolt Fixings

Specification data - Self-drilling screws




5.5 mm.

Product Reference

HTCS-65-2PT-W Self Drilling Screw

Coated steel x 65 mm long.

HTCS-85-2PT-W Self Drilling Screw

Coated steel x 85 mm long.

HTCS-115-2PT-W Self Drilling Screw

Coated steel x 115 mm long.

HTCS-135-2PT-W Self Drilling Screw

Coated steel x 135 mm long.

HTSS-65-2PTW Self Drilling Screw

Stainless steel x 65 mm long.

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Channel and Bolt Fixings

Channel and Bolt Fixings