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Ancon MDC Masonry Support

Ancon MDC Masonry Support

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Stainless steel bracket-angle system to support masonry cladding.

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  • Support angles can be supplied in various sizes to suit the thickness and height of the masonry to be carried.
  • Bracket spacing, depth and height can be varied to suit loading conditions, fixing position and cavity width.
  • Shims are available to provide extra adjustment.
  • Extension plates can sometimes be used to increase the bearing for the brickwork. Plates are adjustable between 5–17 mm. The plates should not extend more than 20 mm from the front of the angle. Extension plates are normally 400 mm long and fixed with a nominal 10 mm gap between plates.
  • Soldier courses can be suspended from MDC systems by using stirrups at 225 mm centres. The stirrups fit over the angle, stitching rods span between the stirrups supporting cored or holed bricks.
  • The system can be supplied with a range of components, including closer plates and expanded metal.
  • Brick soffits can be created by bolting a Nexus brick faced steel unit (by Ibstock Kevington) to the underside of the MDC angle.

Fixing to concrete:

  • Ancon masonry support systems are generally fixed to either Ancon 28/15, 30/20 or 38/17 channels cast into the edge of the concrete.
  • For applications where particularly high loads are involved Ancon 40/25 channel can be used.
  • The use of cast-in channels allows the support system to be fixed to the structure with 'T' bolts and moved along the line of the channel into the correct position.
  • Slots in the back of the brackets allows for vertical adjustment where required.
  • Alternatively, Ancon Expansion or Resin bolts can be used.

Fixing to steel frames:

  • Ancon masonry support systems can be fixed directly to uncased structural steel frames.
  • For cavities larger than 75 mm there may be a requirement for additional fixings near external corners.
  • Horizontal slots should be provided in the steel edge beam stiffeners to allow lateral tolerance.
  • Separating membranes can be supplied to avoid bi-metallic contact between the structural steel members and the Ancon stainless steel support systems.
  • Ancon support systems can be fixed to rolled hollow steel sections using Ancon Steelgrip fixings, designed for use where fixing is only available from one side.

Setting out:

  • Ancon can provide drawings showing the location of fixings (cast-in channels for concrete frames, bolt positions for steel frames).
  • Bracket angle units will be referenced and scheduled.
  • All details will be submitted for approval before manufacture.

General information


Austenitic stainless steel, Grade 1.4301 (304)

Uniclass 2015

Pr_20_85_03_50 Masonry angle supportsPrimary


F30/260 Angle supports

F30/265 Support system

Specification data - Masonry angle supports

Product Reference

MDC Bracket Angle Support System

MDC/I Bracket Angle Support System

MDC/P Bracket Angle Support System

MDC/P/NB Bracket Angle Support System

MDC/R Bracket Angle Support System

MDC/TC Top Cleat System

MDC NEXUS Bracket Angle Support System



Closer plates

Expanded metal

Extension plates



Used to support soldier course brickwork.

Thermal break, BK03-135

Standard product features


Austenitic stainless steel, Grade 1.4301 (304).

Product Options

Product reference:

- MDC Standard support system:

  • Designed to carry over 8 metres of brickwork and accommodate any cavity width from 50 mm.
  • Brackets are welded to the angle.

- MDC/P Support system:

Designed with the bracket projecting below the structure.

- MDC/R Support system:

Reversed angle welded to the bracket.

- MDC/I Support system:

Special inverted system with the support angle at the top of the bracket.

- MDC/TC Top cleat system:

Designed for higher loading conditions, fixed directly to the top of the composite deck using expansion bolts.

- MDC NEXUS Support System:

Lightweight brick faced steel unit (by Ibstock Kevington) which can be bolted to Ancon's MDC stainless steel bracket angle support system to create brick reveals and soffits.


- Thermal break (prevents bi-metallic corrosion):

Shaped like a standard Ancon key-hole shim, thermal breaks are designed to locate quickly and easily between the support bracket and the structural frame. They are manufactured from a durable fibre-reinforced thermoset plastic, which has a thermal conductivity of just 0.3W/ mK.

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