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Ancon Expansion Bolts

Ancon Expansion Bolts

Leviat Third party certifications:
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Expansion bolts.

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Suitable for use in concrete.


FBNII single expansion bolts and FAZII high performance bolts, available in grade A4 316 (1.4401 or 1.4571) stainless steel and sizes from M6 to M16 (FBNII) and M8 to M16 (FAZII).

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Stainless steel

Uniclass 2015

Pr_20_29_03_28 Expansion anchorsPrimary


F30/290 Proprietary special fixings

Product range

Channel and Bolt Fixings

Specification data - Expansion anchors Enhanced data

Product Reference

FBNII 6/10 Single Expansion Bolt

M6 x 55 mm long overall.

FBNII 8/10 Single Expansion Bolt

M8 x 71 mm long overall.

FBNII 10/20 Single Expansion Bolt

M10 x 96 mm long overall.

FBNII 10/50 Single Expansion Bolt

M10 x 126 mm long overall.

FBNII 12/20 Single Expansion Bolt

M12 x 116 mm long overall.

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Channel and Bolt Fixings

Channel and Bolt Fixings

Third party certifications

  • CE Marked
  • European Technical Approval: ETA-07/0211 : FBNII bolts
  • European Technical Approval: ETA-05/0069 : FAZII bolts

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