Ancon CS Coupler Strip

Ancon CS Coupler Strip

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Simple, fast, safe reinforcement continuity strip for curved walls.

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Coupler strip which offers all the benefits of the CB Coupler Box and is specifically designed to simplify rebar continuity at joints where walls are curved on plan. The flexible steel strip used to carry the couplers is nailed directly to curved shuttering.

The CS Coupler Strip utilizes the Ancon CARES-approved CXL mechanical rebar connection system. CXL couplers are integral to the CS strip and accept CXL parallel-threaded reinforcing bars.

The strip is cast into a concrete wall, and when the formwork is struck and the 6 mm rebate former and thread protection are removed, the CXL continuation bars are simply screwed into the CXL couplers when required on site, creating a strong, secure connection with the wall. The rebate fills with concrete when the next section is poured, providing a shear key in accordance with EC2.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_20_29_03_77 Socket anchorsPrimary


E42/320 Cast-in sockets

Specification data - Socket anchors

Product Reference

Ancon CS Coupler Strip CS12RA

12 mm diameter CXL 12 coupler, 50 mm width.

Ancon CS Coupler Strip CS16RA

16 mm diameter CXL 16 coupler, 50 mm width.

Ancon CS Coupler Strip CS20RA

20 mm diameter CXL 20 coupler, 50 mm width.

Ancon CS Coupler Strip CS25RA

25 mm diameter CXL 25 coupler, 60 mm width.


600 mm


Special order

Other bar lengths are available; consult manufacturer and insert requirement.


100 mm

150 mm

200 mm

Special order

Other bar centres are available; consult manufacturer and insert requirement.

Product Options

Ancon CXL Continuation Bars:

Unlike re-bend continuity systems where bar lengths are restricted to the box dimensions, there is virtually no restriction on continuation bar length with CS Coupler Strips. Grade B500B or B500C continuation bars, threaded with a CXL metric thread, are supplied by Ancon in 12 mm, 16 mm, 20 mm and 25 mm diameters.

The CXL system is CARES approved and produces a full strength joint. The bar end is cut square and enlarged by cold forging. This increases the core diameter of the threaded portion of the bar to ensure that the strength of the bar is maintained. A parallel metric thread is applied to the enlarged bar end. A 12 mm bar is provided with an M16 thread, a 16 mm bar with an M20 thread, a 20 mm bar with an M24 thread and a 25 mm bar with an M30 thread.

Third party certifications
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