Aluminium Rainscreen Cladding System GL1


Designed for use on buildings with any type of frame construction, at any location and height. Backing wall compatibility: SFS, masonry, SIP or similar infill and shear walls, structural steel frames, concrete frames.


Cladding system GL1 offers large format, monolithic looking cladding panels covering the entire floor height. The system comprises pressed panels manufactured from 3 mm thick aluminium with internal reinforcement profiles, fixed to an aluminium sub-frame with a combination of concealed self-locking brackets and screws. The subframe is mounted onto the primary building frame.

Features and benefits:

  • Large format, flat looking 3 mm aluminium cassette panels.
  • Available in a wide range of colours and textures including anodized look-alike, sandstone, warm-to-touch, anti-abrasive, polished, and perforated finishes.
  • Panels include internal reinforcement profiles providing additional strength and rigidity.
  • Designed and tested with two types of sub-frames suitable for fixing to any wall types or floor slabs.
  • CWCT tested to wind load up to 3600 PA.
  • CWCT tested to impact resistance, Class 2 (negligible risk) in public areas.
  • Includes designed and tested interfaces with glazing elements.
  • Available with easily removable panels for maintenance access to floor slab zone.
  • Wide range of configurations when used in combination with brickwork, glazing, stone and other materials.
  • Can be easily coordinated with common designs of windows, doors and curtain walling, offering a consistent look of building facades.

General information


Powder coated

 To BS EN 12206-1.


Available in a wide range of colours.



Grade H3103 or 1050.



 By default. Other shapes can be manufactured on request.


Panel depth: 50–54 mm. Minimum to maximum panel face size: 100 x 500 mm–1255 x 2840 mm.



15 years

PPC finish offered with 15 years warranty and 25 years service free life cycle. Aluminium life cycle up to 60 years.

Uniclass 2015

Ss_25_20_70_25 Drained and back-ventilated rainscreen cladding systemsPrimary


H92/120 Rainscreen cladding

Specification data - Drained and back-ventilated rainscreen cladding systems Enhanced data

System performance

Air tightness


Water tightness

Minimum of 600 Pa.

Wind load resistance

Up to 2400 Pa live load and 3600 Pa safety load.

Impact resistance

Class 2 “negligible risk” when used when used in category B areas.

Behaviour to fire

Material is non-combustible by nature. Aluminium plates with PPC finish tested by Akzo Nobel to achieve A2,-s1, d0.

Thermal insulation

Non combustible insulation infill.

Breather membrane



Coated nonwoven fabric.

Fire rated up to EN 13501-1, Euroclass B.

Glass fibre fabric.

Fire rated up to EN 13501-1, Euroclass A2.


Gladious lock in brackets and stainless steel self-drilling screws.

Secondary support structure

Vertical aluminium L shape “helping hand” cladding brackets and rails (tested with Fisher EVT).

Allows fixing to any infill wall type such as SFS, concrete, masonry.

Slab edge U shape brackets and vertical aluminium box profiles (tested with Fischer UWH).

Allows fixing to floor slab edges or another distanced points with maximum span 3300 mm.  

Cavity fire barriers



Open state stone wool fire barrier with intumescent edge and fire rating up to 120 min. Panels include fire barrier infill profile.


Full fill stone wool fire barrier with fire rating up to 120 minutes. Panels include fire barrier infill profile.

Cladding panels



3 mm solid aluminium pressed cassettes H3103.

3 mm solid aluminium pressed cassettes H1050.

Prefinished brushed aluminium alloy 5251.

Panel joints

Interlocking joints.


2 mm aluminium pressed panels, designed and tested to interfaces with glazing elements.

System accessories

Not required.

Concealed fixings on longer panel edges.

Semi concealed fixings on shorter edges.

Interface pressings and profiles.


Self-drilling stainless steel screws or expanding anchor bolts in grade A2 or A4.

Panel interface profile

2 and 3 mm aluminium pressings shaped to suit panel interlock detail.

Body colour


BS palette.

Special metallic.


Textured colours.

Environmental information

Country of material origin

United Kingdom

Country of product manufacture

United Kingdom


Excellent. Aluminium is widely accepted for recycling.

Recycled content