Aluminium Curtain Wall CW 86


Curtain Wall 86 is a unitized curtain wall system that complies with all requirements for large building projects. CW 86 offers a special solution, where cassettes or elements can be pre-assembled in the workshop. On the building site, the cassettes can either be hooked on to a traditional stick structure (CW 86) or the façade can be built up element by element according to the modular curtain wall principle (CW 86-EF).

Features and benefits:

  • Pressure equalized and drained unitized curtain wall.
  • Available in beaded or silicone glazed options.
  • Internal and external visible width of 86 mm.
  • Infills include vision and spandrel panels, and outward opening windows and doors.
  • Concealed casement options for open out configurations.
  • Drained and ventilated glazing with EPDM synthetic rubber gaskets.
  • Choose from a full range of polyester powder coat colours and anodized finishes.
  • Dual colour available offering a different colour inside and out.
  • 10 year systems guarantee provided as standard.
  • Corresponds to the BRE Global Green Guide online generic specification for curtain wall and achieves a summary rating of B or C.
  • CAD and BIM details available on request.


  • Air permeability: Up to 900 Pa (class AE900)*.
  • Wind load resistance: Up to 2000 Pa (class C5)*.
  • Water tightness: Up to 1200 Pa (class RE1200)*.
  • Acoustic performance: Rw (C;Ctr) = 41 (-2;-5) dB, depending on the glazing type.

*Please refer to Reynaers product CE Passport certificates for clarification.

General information


[Finish, Profiles powder coated in a range of RAL or ‘Coatex’ colours to APA Qualicoat standard or BS EN 12206-1:2004; Anodized in satin or bronze colours to EWAA/ EURAS-Qualanod standard or BS 3987:1991; Profiles can be finished with different internal and external colours, powder coated or anodized; Consult manufacturer and insert requirements]


Uniclass 2015

Ss_25_10_20_90 Unitized curtain walling systemsPrimary


H11/110 Curtain walling

Specification data - Unitized curtain walling systems

Product Reference

Aluminium Curtain Wall CW 86

Curtain Wall

Aluminium CW 86 Standard

86 mm solution.

Aluminium CW 86-EF

Unitized modular cassette.

Aluminium CW 86-EF/HI

High insulation unitized modular cassette.

Aluminium CW 86-EF/SG

Silicone bonded unitized modular cassette.


Unitized system, drained and ventilated

Internal framing member




External cover cap




Glazing system

Gaskets, cover plate fixed



Perimeter flashings

Incorporated components



Opening lights

Sun screens

Standard product features

Frame and Components:

  • Aluminium profiles shall be extruded from EN AW-6060 (AlMgSi0.5 F22) aluminium alloy to comply with EN 573 – parts 3 and 4.
  • Dry glazed and weather-stripping with EPDM extruded synthetic rubber gaskets to DIN 7863 and ISO 3934, set in undercut grooves in the mullion and transom.
  • The Reynaers systems carry CE – Marking fully compliant with the EU Construction Products Directive (CPD) to the relevant product standard BS EN 14351-1 for windows and doors and BS EN 13830 for curtain walls.
  • Manufactured and supplied under the requirements of ISO 14001, the internationally accepted standard that outlines an effective environmental management system.
  • Manufactured and supplied under a quality system certified to BS EN ISO 9001: 2000.
  • Reynaers Aluminium guarantees that the Reynaers Aluminium systems meet the technical specifications and standards of the country and the product in question. The current processing and maintenance regulations mentioned in the Reynaers Aluminium catalogues determine the extent of this 10 year guarantee (five year guarantee for wearing parts).

CW 86 curtain wall:

A CW 86 curtain wall can be constructed in two different ways:

  • As mullion-transoms - Assembly on the building site of suspension profiles and transoms by means of T-brackets. Transoms are assembled in the same level as the vertical suspension profiles by means of T- or L-shaped connection pieces. Sealing of mullion-transom connections is done with elastic silicones. Filling elements are assembled on the building site.
  • As completely finished unitized systems - The assembly of suspension profiles and transoms into a frame is done in the workshop. This frame is called 'main frame'. On this main frame we fix filling elements. This frame is called 'glass frame'. The assembly of glass frames on the main frame can be done in the workshop or on the building site. As a special application, it is also possible to assemble fixed filling elements directly in the main frame. The inner and outer aspect of this adjusted main frame is identical, except for the seal gasket of the glass frames. Finally the different main frames are connected by means of 3 wind- and watertight gaskets continuing in the corners.

Product Options

Incorporated components:

  • CW 86 concealed inserts, top hung, parallel opening options.
  • Sun screen systems from our range of Brise Soleil components.


  • 4 mm to 50 mm single, double or triple glazing options, vision and spandrel panels. Contact the glass supplier for details of the glazing unit including, spacer type and dimension, glass type (emissivity, safety, solar, g value and energy factors), thickness and weight.
  • Glass to be set against extruded EPDM rubber gaskets retained in undercut grooves within the aluminium profile.


  • Profiles powder coated in a range of RAL or ‘Coatex’ colours to APA Qualicoat standard or BS EN 12206-1:2004.
  • Anodized in satin or bronze colours to EWAA/ EURAS-Qualanod standard or BS 3987:1991.
  • Profiles can be finished with different internal and external colours, powder coated or anodized.
  • Consult manufacturer and insert requirements.

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