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Alpine Sparkling 200

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Billi UK

Filtered chilled and sparkling water system which provides chilled and sparkling water instantly.

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Can provide 120 cups of chilled water per hour.


Instant filtered drinking water system.

Features and benefits:

  • Provides sparkling and chilled water.
  • Uses a CO2 injection system, which ensures the saturation of CO2 in the water is high - improving the water lifespan and taste.
  • The level of sparkling can be adjusted, with options available of up to 5 bar of CO2 pressure to suit individual requirements.
  • Improved, consistent chilling capacity and recovery time due to ice bank technology with a chilled reservoir, which both sparkling and chilled water supply pass through to improve carbonation.
  • The adjustable control knob allows the chilled water temperature to be raised or lowered for differing refreshment needs. Required temperatures are quickly reached and maintained.
  • The filtration system removes sediment and chemicals, allows the flow of minerals through and suppresses harmful bacteria in the water. Fibredyne™ technology gives filters a longer life, higher flow rate and lower pressure drop.
  • Supplied with a 1 m flex cord and plug, and CO2 cylinder which will provide approximately 200–350 litres of sparkling water.
  • 24 month warranty.


Can provide 120 cups of chilled water per hour.


  • WaterMark™ approved.
  • Tested to ATS5200.105 and AS/ NZS 4020.

General information



sparkling water; adjustable sparkling water; adjustable chilled temperature; ice bank technology for chilled and sparkling water, no ventilation required




24 month parts and labour warranty

Uniclass 2015
Instant boiling and cold water taps (Pr_40_70_23_42)Primary
Specification data - Instant boiling and cold water taps
Product Reference

Alpine Sparkling (933122)

Dispenser -

Dual levered slimline (D)


Chrome (CH)


Matte Black (MB)

Accessories/ Other requirements

Not required

Slimline font

Standard product features

Size (h x w x d):

420 x 180 x 460 mm.

Technical characteristics:

  • Power outlet: 13 A.
  • Water pressure: 2.5–10 bar.
  • Water supply: A single 15 mm (1/2") BSP stop-tap with a male thread should be installed.
  • CO2 cylinder supply: 1100 g.
  • Plinth ventilation is required (ventilation kit is supplied).

Consult manufacturer for further details.

Product Options


The standard dispenser and finish is dual levered slimline (D) in chrome (CH) - 933122DCHUK. Consult manufacturer for further details.

Accessories/ Other requirements:

Available in Chrome (CH) or Matte Black (MB).

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Third party certifications
  • WaterMark™: Certificate: 022690
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