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Adcor® 500S


  • Construction joints for in-situ concrete structures.
  • Casting new concrete against existing concrete.
  • Floor slabs cast against diaphragm retaining walls, steel sheet piles and secant piled walls.
  • Joints between floor slabs and pile caps.
  • Remedial 'breaking out' of concrete.


Thick sectioned, conformable, hydro-expansive waterstop for preventing water entry through joints in concrete sub-structures. The conformable, swellable polymer butyl rubber waterstop strip expands in contact with water and when fully encapsulated by poured concrete, the expansive forces form a seal against concrete faces. The seal resists hydrostatic pressure, stopping water from entering sub-structures. Adcor® has been specifically developed to provide higher performance than conventional bentonite or swellable rubber waterstops.

Features and benefits:

  • Controlled volumetric expansion reduces the risk of concrete spalling.
  • Conformable can be installed onto a variety of irregular substrates.
  • Retains cohesive strength at both original and expanded volume.
  • No need for protective steel mesh.
  • Resists at least 6 bar (60 m) hydrostatic pressure.
  • Volumetric expansion minimum 100% in cement water.
  • Simple overlap jointing on site.
  • Reproducible swell after wet-dry cycling.
  • Can be easily joined to GCP PVC waterstops at movement joints.
  • Unaffected by freeze or thaw cycling.

System components:

Can be used in conjunction with:

  • Adcor® Mastic: A hydrophilic mastic for use as a bedding bead on irregular concrete surfaces prior to the application of Adcor 500S.
  • Adcor® Adhesive MS: An adhesive for gluing Adcor 500S to smooth concrete, steel, and plastic substrates.
  • Pak Adhesive™: A contact adhesive for gluing Adcor 500S to smooth concrete, steel, and plastic substrates.

General information





Butyl rubber


25 x 20 mm


Pr_35_90_15_74 Rubber hydrophilic waterstopsPrimary


E40/320 Hydrophilic waterstops

Specification data - Rubber hydrophilic waterstops Enhanced data


BBA Agrément Certificate.

Cross section

25 x 20 mm.

Secura clips

Not required.

Large (25 mm).


Light blue.


Volumetric expansion in cement water.


Water pressure

Water pressure resistance (60 m).

>6 bar.


1.46 kg/dm³.

Total weight:

0.7 kg/m.


Maximum bend (0°C).


Application temperature

-15 to +60°C.

Service temperature

-45 to +120°C.

Third party certifications

BBA Agrément Certificate

BBA Agrément Certificate