Mayplas Paper Faced Rockfibre Slab is designed for use as the resilient layer in timber frame base floors. Meets specification given in Approved Document E 2003 edition of the Building Regulations (E&W) 2000.


  • 60 and 100 kg/m³ densities.
  • Resilient layer meets Part E.
  • Paper facing to underside.
  • For platform floors.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_25_57_06_50 Mineral fibre slab insulationPrimary


P10/10 Loft insulation

P10/15 Insulation fitted between rafters

P10/240 Insulation fitted between floor joists

P10/250 Insulation supported between floor joists

P10/45 Insulation laid between floor joists

P10/50 Insulation supported between joists

Product range

Acoustic Insulation

Specification data - Mineral fibre slab insulation

Product Reference

576 Paper Faced Rockfibre Slab


60 kg/m³

100 kg/m³

Product Options

Rock fibre slab:

  • Thermal resistance: 0.73 W/m²K.
  • Thickness: 25 mm.
  • Slab size: 1200 x 600 mm.
  • Fire performance: Non-combustible in accordance with ISO 1182.

Paper facing:

  • Weight: 90 g/m² bitumen kraft.
  • Vapour permeance: Vapour check to BS EN 2972.

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