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556 Firestop Slab

556 Firestop Slab has been developed to provide two hours firestopping in building cavities up to 300 mm wide. The system has been tested by Warrington Fire Research to BS EN 476-20.

It is manufactured using 75 mm thick high density rock fibre slab foil faced on both sides. Firestop Slab has rebated ends for a secure fit and is available in full slabs 1160 x 900 mm, or factory cut to size.

It can provide two hours fire resistance in masonry cavity voids and between the edge of a concrete floor slab and curtain walling systems.

Suitable for cavities 50–300 mm wide.

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Uniclass 2015
Pr_25_80_81_29 Flexible intumescent gap sealsPrimary

P12/160 Linear gap sealing

Specification data - Flexible intumescent gap seals
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556 Firestop Slab

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75 mm.

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