554 Firestop Strip


550 Series Firestop Systems have been developed to provide up to four hours firestopping at the junctions of compartment walls and floors. The systems have been tested in accordance with BS EN 476-20.

553 Firestop Strip is a no compression, tight fitting (extended width) strip for rectangular voids. It is used in cases where the fire resistance of a deck horizontally is less than the fire resistance of the wall itself.

  • Maximum void size to be filled: 50% of wall width.
  • Available for voids of between 10–100 mm.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_25_80_81_29 Flexible intumescent gap sealsPrimary


P12/160 Linear gap sealing

Specification data - Flexible intumescent gap seals

Product Reference

554 Firestop Strip


200 mm

Two hours fire resistance.

300 mm

Three hours fire resistance.

400 mm

Four hours fire resistance.

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