1800 Wall Guard

1800 Wall Guard


The 1800 wall guard is a designer friendly crash guard that provides impact protection for your walls in areas that need it the most.(H: 203 mm)

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Suitable for use in all commercial areas which have heavy traffic, or which may use the following equipment types:

  • Wheelchairs.
  • Hospital beds.
  • Service carts.


The innovative design of the 1800 wall guard combats the appearance of traditional wall protection while providing impact protection for walls. An innovative solution for traditional wall guard designs. With a larger surface area, the 1800 crash rail efficiently protects greater wall areas.

Features and benefits:

  • Manufactured from safe, durable and recyclable PVC-u.
  • Provides a decorative element, while also providing continuous impact bumper resistance to keep walls free from damage (including scratches and dents) from trolleys, luggage, beds and wheelchairs.
  • Minimal seams due to standard 3.66 m lengths.
  • Inside and outside corners provide continuous protection.
  • Easy to install and maintain.
  • Available in a variety of colours.
  • Cost effective.
  • Mounted onto a 2 mm thick aluminium retainer.
  • Contains no phthalates, halogenated fire retardants or BPA (bisphenol-a).
  • Low fossil fuel consumption.

Approvals/ certifications:

  • GREENGUARD™ Indoor Air Quality Children and Schools certified.
  • May qualify for LEED™ and Green Globes™ credits – consult manufacturer for details.
  • Fungal and bacterial resistant (to ASTM G21 and G22).
  • Good impact resistance (to ASTM F-476).

Standard components (dependent on configuration):

  • Aluminium retainer. Provides structural support for the wall guard system.
  • Splice. Allows for installations that are over 3.66 m.
  • Vinyl cover. Available in a variety of colours to co-ordinate with other interior finishes.
  • Inside/ outside corners. Provides a smooth transition for corner applications.
  • Reveal. Decorative element, standard with every woodland wall guard order.
  • Impact bumper. Absorbs the impact from traffic such as carts and wheelchairs.
  • End cap. Finishes the wall guard installation for a professional look.


Suitable for use in all commercial areas which have heavy traffic, or which may use the following equipment types:

  • Wheelchairs.
  • Hospital beds.
  • Service carts.

General information




203 x 26 mm (h x d)

3.66 m (length)

Uniclass 2015

Pr_35_90_43_86 Wall protection panelsPrimary


N10/184 Wall rails

P20/170 Proprietary

P20/30 Proprietary

Specification data - Wall protection panels

Product Reference

1800 Wall Guard

Colour/ Finish

See 'Options' below and insert requirement.


Continuous bracket

Consult manufacturer for details.

Infinity bracket (I)

Shortened aluminium retainer, easy to install in short runs.

Accessories/ Other requirements

Not required

Aluminium splice (706A)

Left end cap (1801L)

Right end cap (1801R)

Inside corner (1803)

Outside corner (1802)

Rubber spacer (1601)

12 mm thick, 100 mm diameter. Extends the guard further from the wall.

Standard product features




  • 203 x 26 mm (h x d).
  • 3.66 m (length).


2 mm thickness, scratch and stain resistant rigid vinyl.

Product Options

Colour/ Finish:

- Standard solid colours:

  • Aloe 1057. Light reflectance value (LRV): 59.33.
  • Beeswax 0249. Light reflectance value (LRV): 56.9.
  • Black 0152. Light reflectance value (LRV): 4.5.
  • Buoyant Blue 0132. Light reflectance value (LRV): 25.5.
  • Burlap 0252. Light reflectance value (LRV): 43.4.
  • Cabernet 0241. Light reflectance value (LRV): 7.7.
  • Canary 1050. Light reflectance value (LRV): 77.77.
  • Cardinal 0236. Light reflectance value (LRV): 11.2.
  • Castle 0256. Light reflectance value (LRV): 10.8.
  • Clam Shell 0154. Light reflectance value (LRV): 71.1.
  • Cloudy 1059. Light reflectance value (LRV): 49.09.
  • Clover 1058. Light reflectance value (LRV): 19.82.
  • Crystal Jade 0187. Light reflectance value (LRV): 34.8.
  • Designer White 0101. Light reflectance value (LRV): 78.7.
  • Dove Gray 0106. Light reflectance value (LRV): 37.1.
  • Eggshell 0111. Light reflectance value (LRV): 68.4.
  • English Green 0125. Light reflectance value (LRV): 16.6.
  • Honey 1053. Light reflectance value (LRV): 34.21.
  • Light Beige 0109. Light reflectance value (LRV): 70.5.
  • Mandarin 1054. Light reflectance value (LRV): 36.69.
  • Mint 1056. Light reflectance value (LRV): 55.21.
  • Orchid 1055. Light reflectance value (LRV): 17.36.
  • Periwinkle 0272. Light reflectance value (LRV): 19.5.
  • Pewter Gray 0107. Light reflectance value (LRV): 17.5.
  • Point Blue 0165. Light reflectance value (LRV): 8.9.
  • Purple Haze 0171. Light reflectance value (LRV): 15.8.
  • River Rock 0351. Light reflectance value (LRV): 22.4.
  • Sharkskin 0350. Light reflectance value (LRV): 42.2.
  • Sherbet 1052. Light reflectance value (LRV): 51.3.
  • Silver 0105. Light reflectance value (LRV): 48.1.
  • Sunny Day 1051. Light reflectance value (LRV): 69.84.
  • Taupe 0113. Light reflectance value (LRV): 52.0.
  • Truffle 0284. Light reflectance value (LRV): 9.6.
  • White Sand 0103. Light reflectance value (LRV): 77.0.

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