• For use in the sealing of manhole chambers, inspection chambers, box culverts and other pre-cast units.
  • For creating a watertight seal between pre-cast units.
  • On highways projects where the standard BD 31 2001 is required.
  • Waterproofing of underground pre-cast walkways.
  • Joint sealing of precast units used in water management routes.
  • Sealing of precast units used in biogas chambers.


Aquastrip is an easy-to-use, high performance and cost-effective strip for joining precast concrete manholes, inspection chambers, shafts, caissons, ogee pipes and box culverts. Tested to BS, EN, ISO, DIN and ASTM standards, Aquastrip provides a flexible and watertight seal against pressures in excess of 5 bar. It is a polymer-modified, bituminous compound incorporating temperature extenders. Used with rapid-drying Aquastrip Primer for increased adhesion.

Features and benefits:

  • Composition to BS 6213: 1982 for jointing concrete, culverts, subways, water retaining and water excluding structures.
  • Tested to BS EN 1917 - European Standard for Concrete Manholes and Joints.
  • Performance exceeds the 0.5 bar/ 15 minutes water test. Enables the concrete manufacturer to supply units complying with the new standard.
  • Variety of cross-sections designed to seal all types and sizes of joints in manholes, inspection chambers, ogee pipes and box culverts.
  • In manholes, Aquastrip meets the joint sealant requirement of 'FWR Materials Selection Manual 1993', UKWIR 'CESWI' (5th edition, 1998) and WRc 'Sewers for Adoption' (5th edition, 2001).
  • In box culverts, Aquastrip meets the joint sealant requirements of CIRIA 'Culvert Design Guide 1997' and 'Highways Agency Design Standard BD 31, 2001'.
  • Aquastrip has a wide temperature tolerance range with improved flexibility in cold weather for easier application and jointing.
  • Plastoelastic properties and high adhesion provide a permanent, watertight seal during and after settlement, ground movement, side loadings etc, as required by BS EN 752-3: 1997, European Standard for Drains and Sewers.
  • Resistant to sulfates, acids, alkalis, salts, groundwater, trade effluent, grease, sewage and micro-organisms.
  • Aquastrip enables the contractor to install watertight manholes, inspection chambers, drainage pipelines and culverts quickly and economically without the need for in situ concrete surrounds, while still meeting full life-cycle durability requirements.
  • Waterproof.
  • Improved flexibility in cold temperatures.
  • Easy application.
  • Resistant to sewerage and trade effluent.
  • Acid resistant.
  • For sealing all precast units.
  • High adhesion.
  • Durable.

General information




Polymer-modified bituminous compound


Bitumen rubber liquid coating

Primer – Koster KBE Liquid Film.



Extruded rectangular profile.


60 x 12 mm

Aquastrip - 24 m per carton (4 x 6 m lengths).

80 x 12 mm

Aquastrip - 18 m per carton (3 x 6 m lengths).

120 x 12 mm

Aquastrip - 12 m per carton (2 x 6 m lengths).

25 x 20 mm

Aquastrip - 32 m per carton (8 x 4 m lengths).

40 x 25 mm

Aquastrip - 15 m per carton (5 x 3 m lengths).

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Ten years

All materials mentioned are covered by the Koster 10-year product warranty.

Uniclass 2015

Pr_35_90_87_71 Resin impregnated pre-compressed foam sealing stripsPrimary


R12/342 Pipes, bends and junctions – concrete

R12/407 Manholes and inspection chambers – concrete

R12/444 Sealing for concrete manholes – bituminous strips

Specification data - Resin impregnated pre-compressed foam sealing strips Enhanced data




Polymer modified bituminous compound.

Product Reference


Size (w x d)

25 x 20 mm.

32 m per carton (8 x 4 m lengths).

40 x 25 mm.

15 m per carton (5 x 3 m lengths).

60 x 12 mm.

24 m per carton (4 x 6 m lengths).

80 x 12 mm.

18 m per carton (3 x 6 m lengths).

120 x 12 mm.

12 m per carton (2 x 6 m lengths).


Koster KBE liquid film.

Joint sealant


Specific gravity

1.46 g/cm³.

At 25°C.

Application temperature range


Operating temperature range



0.5 bar/ 15 minutes at 20°C to BS EN 1917.

Water absorption

0.025% to DIN 4062.

Chemical resistance

Very good.

Acids and alkalis, pH 2–12.

Environmental information

Country of product manufacture