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Zehnder UK

Zehnder UK

+44 (0)1276 605800 www.zehnder.co.uk

Zehnder supply a variety of climate enhancing products and systems including heating and cooling ceiling systems, decorative radiators, trench heaters and ventilation. Zehnder heating and cooling ceiling systems provide even distribution of heat through ceiling panels and grid configurations across a wide range of building applications. Zehnder decorative radiators and towel rails combine style with functionality. Ideal for both new build and renovation projects. Trench heading is simple to install and virtually unseen. The Zehnder Terraline trench heater provides high heat output whilst occupying minimal space. Ventilation systems combine fresh air with Zehnder’s extensive knowledge of heating for ventilated classrooms without draughts.

Trade names

  • Runtal Jet
  • Runtal LST
  • Runtal RX
  • Zehnder Carboline
  • Zehnder Como
  • Zehnder Flatline
  • Zehnder Janda
  • Zehnder LST
  • Zehnder Multicolumn
  • Zehnder Nova
  • Zehnder Radiavector
  • Zehnder RZ
  • Zehnder Stratos
  • Zehnder Terraline
  • Zehnder Toga
  • Zehnder Universal
  • Zehnder ZBN
  • Zehnder Zip