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Zehnder UK

Zehnder UK

Solutions for a comfortable, healthy and energy-efficient indoor climate

+44 (0)1276 605800 Website

Zehnder manufactures climate-enhancing products and systems, including mechanical ventilation with heat recovery (MVHR), decorative radiators and radiant heating and cooling panels.

Zehnder has a vast wealth of knowledge providing comfortable indoor climates to various building sectors, including residential, commercial, and industrial, as well as experience in applications in education and healthcare settings.

Trade names

  • Runtal Jet
  • Runtal LST
  • Runtal RX
  • Zehnder Carboline
  • Zehnder Como
  • Zehnder Flatline
  • Zehnder Janda
  • Zehnder LST
  • Zehnder Multicolumn
  • Zehnder Nova
  • Zehnder Radiavector
  • Zehnder RZ
  • Zehnder Stratos
  • Zehnder Terraline
  • Zehnder Toga
  • Zehnder Universal
  • Zehnder ZBN
  • Zehnder Zip