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Fundo Borgo

Floor-level corner shower element.

Fundo Discreto

The Fundo Discreto allows the drainage channel of the Fundo Riolito /Riolito neo / Plano Linea shower elements to visually disappear thus creating an optical illusion of water draining away directly into the wall. This clever element can be easily integrated flush into existing walls, ledge solutions, shelves, steps or benches to mention only a few. Its channel perfectly matches the dimensions of the corresponding Fundo Riolito / Riolito neo / Plano Linea element's channel thus it is very easy to position and install.

  • Attachment element for wedi Fundo shower elements with linear drainage
  • For creating an attractive wall drain
  • Includes a high-quality V2A cover which can be used on both sides
  • Easy to clean
  • 100 % waterproof complete system

Fundo Drains

Special drains with odour traps and stainless steel grate covers.

Fundo Nautilo

Spiral floor-level shower element and wall kit.

Fundo Riolito Neo

Square or rectangular floor-level shower element with oval channel drain.

Fundo Top

Ready to install surface for Fundo shower systems.

Fundo Top Primo

The wedi Top series offers the option of designing an aesthetically appealing shower area in which no grout lines break the design. The ready-to-install shower floor surfaces together with the matching Fundo Primo, Riolito neo and Plano shower elements form a perfectly united, sophisticated system.

The one-piece, seamless element is made of a 6 mm thick, high-quality coloured material with an elegant look and a very pleasant feel. The material always feels just the right temperature and, at the same time, is very durable. It is also capable of bearing a wheelchair with no problem.

Fundo Trollo

Circular floor-level shower element and wall kit.


Modular shower screen system.

Sanoasa Bench 4

Floating bench, especially for installation in shower niches.

Sanwell shower partition with niche

The sturdy wall element with integrated niche is ideal for use as a shower partition wall, can be installed particularly easily and can then be directly tiled. Here, both the overall size and the niche size in the wedi Sanwell wall element can be individually customised.

The Sanwell wall element with a width of 900 mm or 1200 mm incl. niche installed in the factory is perfect for use as a free-standing wall.
Because it is made from waterproof polystyrene rigid foam, it is perfect for use as a shower partition wall, for example. Laborious construction and sealing is no longer required.

Showing 1-36 of 73