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2019 Product Brochure

The wide range of individual products and complete systems enables an unrivalled variety of designs. This also enables the wedi customers to extend their area of business. From the floor element to the wall and ceiling cladding, from the shower to the wash stand and bath - the complete bathroom from one single source.

Bathroom Advice Brochure

Be it wall and floor structures, partition walls, ledges, washbasins, floor-level showers, bathtub solutions or unusual designer modules, wedi offers an extensive range of high-quality systems here

Cover design and construct

The wedi building board has a blue core made from rigid extruded polystyrene foam. The rigid foam is reinforced with glass fibre (with alkali-resistant finish) on both sides and coated with a polymer-modified cement.

Fundo Top

The wedi Fundo top is a sleek, finished surface for fundo floor elements and a high quality alternative to traditional tiling. The one-piece, seamless element is made of a 6mm thick, high strength mineral material with an elegant look and a very pleasant feel. The various Fundo Tops are perfect complements to the wedi Fundo Primo, Riolito Neo, and Plano floor elements. They are available in a variety of sizes and fit perfectly into any bathroom design in their four shades, white, beige, anthracite and grey

How to build.. point drainage

Straightforward Installation with 10 year Product Quality Guarantee. Details how to install the trays into both concrete and timber substrates.

Wedi Fundo Integro

The New Fundo Integro is the slimmest flush-to-floor shower element with integrated drain technology from wedi. Like all the other Fundo floor elements it is already sealed ready for installation with a drain capacity of 0.8 litres per minute, 50mm water trap height and at least 1.5% even preformed gradients and 100% waterproof material, the new shower element not only fulfils all the relevant standards but offers an overall installation height of just 90mm.

Showing 1-13 of 13