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Class A Non-combustible pedestal brochure

Class A1 fire rated non-combustible adjustable pedestals. 100% steel pedestals for balcony and roof terrace construction. Fully compliant to Fire Safety Document B, BS 8579, BS EN 13501-1. Zero plastic, zero rubber element.

Decking & Cladding - iDecking

Innovative decking and cladding systems. A super fast and easy way to fix tropical hardwood and superior composite decking and cladding. The aluminium rails have clips pre-measured and set up and the deck boards have grooves on the underside, so installation of the deck boards is a matter of just stamping them down onto the rails. A new cladding profile for autumn 2018 has been launched as well as sun screening and fencing solutions.

Decking & Timber Products

A range of timber products for landscaping. Tropical hardwood timber tiles for fast and easy installation of deckign on structural surfaces using Wallbarn pedestals; the award winning iDecking system featuring the Duro Excellence composite material and a range of tropical hardwood species, specially milled to fit the EasyClick and EasyChange joists. FSC 100% timber available.

Drainage & Waterproofing Brochure

Drainage Channels for surface drainage; dimpled membranes for cavity drains and subterranean drainage; pre-formed outlet connectors for fully waterproofed and protected drainage and water management systems.

Green roof system - M-Tray®

M-Tray® is a modular green roof system with all necessary and required elements of a sedum green roof included in a patented designed tray unit. Nothing spills out so there is no mess and no damage to roots. Access to enclosed roof spaces is ensured as each module can be carried by one person. the plants are fully mature and established with full coverage and an instant green roof immediately after installation.

Irrigation system for green roof

Tap fitted simple irrigation system for green roofs. Pipework, fittings, termination sections and sprinklers for small scale green roofs.

Pedestals & Support Pads Brochure

Pedestals and Support pads for paving and timber decking - updated for January 2019. Suspended paving for rooftops, balconies, walkways and podium decks. Landscaping, paving, and decking solutions.

Pedestals Overview Brochure

Overview of pedestal range. Details of Rail System for porcelain, heavy duty Megapads for decking and paving, self-levelling Balance adjustable pedestals, fixed height support pads and standard adjustable pedestals.

Protection membranes and geotextile fabrics

Semi flexible bitumen based protection boards for tanking and waterproofing membranes. easy to install, can be bonded to compatible membranes. ideal for vertical and horizontal surfaces. Geotextile fabrics for landscaping, membrane protection, filtration and separation; for use in groundworks, in subterranean drainage and protection installations; as filtration fabrics in water treatment sectors; and as protection layers for waterproofing membranes. A range of fixings and anchors for sheet membranes including dimpled drainage membranes, geotextiles and insulation boards.

Wallbarn Catalogue for Pedestals, Decking, Green Roofs, Waterproofing, Geotextile & Drainage

Full Product Brochure for 2019 - with updated technical data The most extensive pedestals range - for paving and timber decking - on the market. Adjustable pedestals available in heights from 10 mm up to 1020 mm and able to withstand over 2,000kg in weight. Fixed height rubber and plastic discs for paving. See details of M-Tray® green roof system; iDecking superior composite & hardwood decking system; Protecto-board protection membranes; Protecto-drain cavity drainage membranes roof Outlets and geotextile fabrics.

Wallbarn Products & Services

Wallbarn Products & Services brochure - containing details of all pedestals, landscaping products & services, green roofing products and membranes

Showing 1-22 of 22