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Functional beauty for life-safety glass projects

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001. No. 1 Forbury Place, Reading

No.1 Forbury Place in Reading, UK, is the largest butt-jointed fire-rated glazing construction in Europe and features Vetrotech's oversize fire-resistant glass, Contraflam Mega. The project comprises more than 1,400 m2 of Vetrotech’s EI30 fire resistant glazing solution: Contraflam. On the ground floor of the 8-story atrium Contraflam Mega single panes are installed with heights of 4.5 m and weights up to almost 0.5 t. The 4-sided vitreous atrium from the first to the seventh floor has been fully equipped with Vetrotech’s Contraflam Structure flush glazing solution.

002. Southmead Hospital

Vetrotech supplied their very own Pyroswiss fire-resistant glass, which resists fire for up to 30 minutes, thus building a physical barrier against flames, hot smoke and toxic gases. The glasses were supplied in various colors, which bring a warm and creative touch to the facility while marking the different departments within the hospital.

003. Museum of World War 2, Gdansk, Poland

The innovative design of the Museum of the Second World War in Gdansk, Poland, was achieved with the use of cutting-edge construction solutions, including a glass ceiling. Vetrotech Saint Gobain has always lived up to the expectations of architects and engineers in terms of innovative aesthetics. These principles were also followed in this case where several hundred m² of glass ceiling can endure the load of 5 kN/m2 while offering uncompromised fire-resistance. Thermal insulation ensures that the ceiling’s characteristics remain unaltered regardless of the weather conditions.

004. Carnal Hall, “Le Rosey” in Rolle, Switzerland

The new complex of the elite boarding school “Le Rosey” in Rolle, Switzerland, houses a range of first-class facilities. Over 470 m2 of fire-resistant glass - Contraflam 30 - has been installed, including partitions, fire doors, staircases and meeting rooms. This solution - with glass sizes up to 1,800 x 3,800mm - offers supremely reliable fire resistance, 100% UV stability and, long lasting maximum transparency, keeping rooms and facades bright. Vetrotech provides large custom-made glass solutions that stand up to the demands of such iconic projects, offering uncompromised safety whilst enabling boundless design freedom for architects and constructors.

005. Salesforce Transit Center, San Francisco

This central public transportation hub has a light-filled, vibrant and inviting atmosphere thanks to light columns – a structurally expressive skylight and walkable glass floor combination that brings sunshine into the building. This innovative solution has met the most demanding requirements for a fire-rated glass floor and skylight to date; 2-hour fire rating, blast, and seismic resistance, plus live loading for foot traffic. It involves horizontal fire-rated glass, structural glass, and spacers with air-gaps to avoid replacing glass due to dirt and condensation issues that would develop with foot traffic and the outdoor environment.

006. Palais Coburg, Vienna

The Palais Coburg in Vienna was bought by POK Pühringer, a private foundation, with the intention to convert it into a luxury hotel resort. The architect goal was to reveal and use the beauty of the old and well-preserved bricks beneath the entrance hall by building a skylight above it. Vetrotech recommended the use of Lite-Floor, a walkable fire-resistant glass solution, which resists fire for up to 30 minutes. This eye-catcher made of glass, features a special screen printing on its surface, which acts both as a design element and a protective anti-slip layer.

007. Nordea HQ, Copenhagen

Great emphasis has been placed on the functionality of the building and on making the area outside a pleasant park. Ørestaden is a fairly new area of Copenhagen and had quickly become known for fascinating architecture. Vetrotech supplied over 1,600m2 of Contraflam Lite Structure EW30 solutions. Vetrotech's glass helped realize the stunning and light-flooded atriums of the building, which are surrounded by an impressive installation of fire-resistant glass all the way up to the 6th floor.

008. Secli Weinwelt, Buchs, Switzerland

A holistic business solution, which offers various possibilities to work, meet, connect and enjoy the time spent with partners, employees and clients sharing the passion of good wine. The inside of the building features approximately 130 m2 of various Contraflam glass solutions, which ensure maximum fire safety while emphasizing the architectural design. The round shaped partition walls connecting production and meeting rooms, in particular, were a great challenge for glazed fire-resistance. The fire doors were developed and produced in collaboration with Forster Profile Systems and provided the necessary accessibility while ensuring fire safety for up to 30 minutes.

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