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Triton Systems

Structural waterproofing, gas proofing solutions, damp proofing,

+44 (0)1322 318830 www.tritonsystems.co.uk

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Cavity Membrane Membranes for structural waterproofing

A concise instruction manual, giving the principles and guidance for the installation of Isola Platon cavity drainage membranes, drainage channels and sump pump systems, in accordance with BS8102(2009) The Protection of Buildings From Moisture From The Ground.

Cemflex Steel Waterbar for Structural Waterproofing Data Sheet

A brief technical data sheet summarising the features and benefits of Cemflex Steel Waterbar, a weatherproof waterbar designed to form a good watertight seal between ICF blocks/twin wall panels and the basement slab in below ground basement construction. Cemflex waterbar only reacts with water within the concrete - so no need to protect from rain after installation and before the concrete pour.

Platon Comfort

A product brochure outlining the features and benefits of Platon Comfort (previously known as Platon Stop), a polypropylene moisture protective flooring underlayment designed for installation beneath wood flooring. The brochure also serves as a technical data sheet and installation guide.

Triton Systems - Overview brochure

An overview of Triton Systems, the breadth of structural waterproofing, timber preservation and damp proofing systems they supply and the technical support provided as back up.

Showing 1-36 of 40